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Ladder Supersets with Kettlebell Swings & Pushups


I have an easy way to get in extra pushups for our Pushup Challenge.

Last night in Boot Camp class one of the circuits we ran was a Ladder Superset using Dumbbells for Dumbbell Swings and Pushups.
You may be thinking to yourself, what is a Ladder Superset? Ladders are used to increase the intensity of the workout. One of the more common ways to perform a ladder is to subtract a rep from every set you do until you reach one, you can also reverse the order!!
Before beginning the workout always warm-up to get the muscles ready for exercise. You can use a kettlebell or if you are at home and don’t have a Kettlebell you can use a dumbbell!
Here is how the Kettlebell Swings & Pushups Ladder workout goes:
Kettlebell Swing 10 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 10 reps
Kettlebell Swing 9 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 9 reps
Kettlebell Swing 8 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 8 reps
Kettlebell Swing 7 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 7 reps
Kettlebell Swing 6 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 6 reps
Kettlebell Swing 5 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 5 reps
Kettlebell Swing 4 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 4 reps
Kettlebell Swing 3 reps – followed by – 
PUSHUPS – 3 reps
Kettlebell Swing 2 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 2 reps
Kettlebell Swing 1 reps – followed by – PUSHUPS – 1 reps
If you are doing this workout at home set a timer for 10 minutes. Once you complete the full Ladder rest for a minute, then climb back up the ladder or start back at the top!  You can always increase the time if you are looking for a more intense workout.
Your heart will be pumping and you will complete a quick full-body workout in no time! 


Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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