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Things I’m loving this week.. Costco Edition


I’m sure you have all heard of BJ’s or Costco before, well we have a Costco a few miles away from our house and I look forward to my trips there.

It’s one of my dad’s favorite stores he goes there every week. I guess I know why he likes it so much, they always have new products both food and “toys” to look at and who doesn’t like new toys and food to try??



After roaming up and down almost every aisle in the store, I had to keep my hands on the cart to hold back from purchasing things we didn’t NEED. My WANT list is very long but I had to focus on the essentials.

Besides the basics like eggs & milk (because we always seem to need those 2 things) I knew I wanted to buy some fruit. I am always craving fruit and Costco often has deals on huge containers of berries, those are my favorite. I ended up buying blueberries and raspberries but they are almost gone. Sorry no picture.


Costco sells Bagged salad mixes that come with dressings & toppings!!!! Of course that was getting tossed into my cart. I can’t pass up on a meal in a bag, especially one that’s healthy. This bagged mix has Cabbage, Carrots, Cilantro, Cashews, Almonds, Sesame seeds, & an oriental dressing. I can’t get enough of oriental food this past week, bring it on.


Aidell’s Chicken Meatballs were something else that caught my eye. I have purchased these before at Stop and Shop in a small package and we loved them. When my dad asked if we wanted to split a big package I was all in and already planned to have them for dinner the next night. These meatballs have NO preservatives, no hormones, and they are gluten free for those that are looking for that option. They were perfect for a weeknight quick dinner and the taste does not disappoint!


Mixed nuts of course with salt. I never get unsalted nuts, I feel like SALT brings out so much flavor in EVERY type of food, especially in nuts. These are awesome to have around the house because Marc, Ava and I snack on them daily and the container lasts a lot longer then the smaller cans you get at the regular grocery store.


Every once in a while I need a little crunch in my life. A few years ago I became obsessed with CRUNCHMASTER crackers. I could only find them at random stores and now I see them all the time. I remember sending Marc to the walmart in stratford on his lunch break to hunt these bad boys down. They are crunchy, nutty, tasty and healthy and COSTCO sells them in a giant box that could last your an entire month.


We also found the BIGGEST bag of Skinny Pop. Um, you know I love popcorn and this one takes the cake on taste, nutrition and pure goodness. Although I prefer to make my own popcorn, having some on hand is awesome. I crave salty snacks a lot and this popcorn makes the cut, I’m a fan!! I also love that this bag is practically the size of Ava.

IMG_8166 IMG_8155

Ava’s birthday is coming up, so when we were in the toy aisle I saw this awesome Minnie Mouse house that I couldn’t pass up. I said to my dad should I get it, he said yes don’t wait until Christmas or her birthday, get it now! So I added it to our cart and Ava’s eyes LIT up. She said “mommy open!”

I made the mistake and said we can open it when we get home. This girl is so smart, literally the second we got home she said “Mommy OPEN!”

Ugh I’m a sucker. So much for a birthday or christmas present! Remind me next time not to shop with her.


It was worth every second to see Ava playing with this toy.


She loved it, and she even gave me a big squishy face smile. Each morning she woke up this week she got excited to play her Minnie house “new toy” as she calls it.

It week was GREAT and I’m looking forward spending some quality time with my family this weekend!!!

Do you have any favorite things from the week?

Costco or BJ’s? Do you like shopping there?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Skinny pop is the best!! I don’t bring it home though because otherwise I’ll destroy it so fast. Have you tried their kale/superfood salad mix? That’s a favorite at our house. The poppyseed dressing is the best part ;) Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Aleah!!!
      Skinny pop is awesomeeee. I love having an extra large bag around in my house. Yes i’ve had the kale/superfood salad mix a bunch of times its also one of my favorites! That dressing is delicious too and I particularly love the pumpkin seeds. I actually have some leftover dressings from the last 2 times we made it so technically I can make my own mix which is awesome :)

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