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Baby #2: Pregnancy Update Weeks 25 & 26


These last 2 weeks have been great in the pregnancy world and I credit it to sleeping well. I’m trying to avoid any type of toddler illnesses that are going around. Ava’s been sick again this week so that’s been a challenge.

I am feeling more pregnant these days and my bump seems to be growing at a faster rate. I feel like my clothing options are becoming limited.

Now that I am nearing the end of the 2nd trimester I figured I would share an update with you.


The Baby is the size of a HEAD OF LETTUCE weighing a little over 2 lbs

Weight gained

15 lbs which is about exactly what I gained with Ava at this point!! Kinda crazy to me that the weight is the same because I feel like my belly is bigger this time around :)


It’s a BOY!!!


(Picture taken at 25 weeks)


My workouts this past week were back to normal

here’s how they looked:

WEDNESDAY 1 hour Group Power Strength training class plus 20 minute walk with Cooper

THURSDAY Fit For Life class & Boot camp class and a 20 minute walk with Cooper in the afternoon

FRIDAY 25 minute Cardio Boxing workout at home


SUNDAY 1 hour group power practice session for our new workout

MONDAY Fit For Life class & Group Power class, 20 minute walk with Cooper

TUESDAY 20 Minute walk with Cooper & Boot Camp Class


(Before one of my group power classes at 25 weeks)

My only form of cardio was from walking and boot camp. I think that’s probably how it’s going to stay the rest of this pregnancy with the occasional boxing and elliptical workout throw in the mix, but for the most part walking works for me!


These past 2 weeks have been pretty good. Besides using the bathroom more frequently and being tired I haven’t experienced any big symptoms. It kinda seems weird that I haven’t had round ligament pain in my stomach area, or even back pain. Fingers are crossed because that’s a good thing!!

Food Aversions: 

I can’t say I consistently have had any food aversions. Some leftover veggies aren’t appealing like green beans and squash. That happens to be when I’m not pregnant so I’m not sure this counts.

Food Cravings: 

I have tried to control my sweet tooth this past week. I know, I know, it’s sad that I haven’t made brownies in a couple weeks but it feels good. I did have carvel ice cream cake once and ice cream another night so I’m definitely not 100% avoiding the sweets.

  • I’ve been enjoying Salads. Salads that I don’t make to be precise. I am totally on board with this craving. It’s healthy and simple.
  • Chicken & Steak
  • Avocado… any way.
  • Breakfast foods, eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns..etc.
  • POTATOES… all of them
  • Yogurt parfaits with lots of granola
  • FRUIT especially oranges.
  • Cookie dough quest bar. I had one this past week and it was pretty amazing. I am refraining from buying more though because I will want one every day.
  • CEREAL with milk. I love plain cheerios with milk and had it 3x this past week, thanks to Ava!!


WEEK 25 I was craving sleep. I think that’s partially do to the fact that Ava had been sleeping pretty poorly this past month. She was waking up with a wet diaper and wanted to be changed. Although she goes back to sleep, mama does not and I get very upset about it haha. Thank goodness I have been able to nap

WEEK 26 was much better. Ava slept so I did too. I actually only woke up a few nights to pee once so that was a plus and the other nights I got a solid 8 hours woohoo. When I sleep well I’m unstoppable and I love that feeling.

Maternity clothes: 

I love maternity clothes. Not only are the comfortable but they make me feel somewhat normal. When I was wearing my old clothes and stretching them out.. I felt gross. I felt like I was meant to be in a bigger size and it just didn’t feel right. I’m stupid for not buying stuff earlier.

Some of the maternity clothes I have are clothes I can wear post-pregnancy too which is great!

Stretch marks: 

None yet!

Do I Miss anything: 

I was missing laying on my belly for a while but I have adapted to side sleeping and it’s been great!! my sleep has definitely improved.

I seriously miss a lot of exercises, especially core work. I am super limited but I feel good demonstrating still so I guess that’s a good thing.

My pushups and planks are getting weaker and weaker. Probably because my 15lb belly is weighing me down.


I have been feeling a lot of belly rolls these past few weeks. Baby Boy startles me when I’m teaching and training. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable!

IMG_9885 (1)

(Picture taken at 26 weeks )

Baby Items Purchased: 

I haven’t purchased anything in a while but I’m looking forward to getting his room all set up!!

Wedding rings ON or OFF: 


Belly Button IN or OUT? 

My belly button is mostly an outie. This is one of the weirdest things for me this pregnancy and I’m totally not liking it.

I’m Looking Forward To: 

I’m looking forward to the rest of the second trimester which is coming to an end. I hope I continue to be symptom free and I hope my workouts can stay the same for the next month or so. I feel like I’m in a good routine.

I am actually not looking forward to my next dr appointment because I have to do the diabetes test which requires drinking “the drink” that contains 100g of sugar. Last time with Ava I felt so sick and almost threw up. SOOO… I’m not really excited for it.

Random Things:

I ordered a rug for the baby’s room which was very exciting and to be honest I don’t know if it’s going to match the walls. I was so obsessed with the material and softness of the rug that I wasn’t paying attention to the color so well. Fingers crossed it works.

I haven’t really done anything to the babies room yet, but I anticipate a lot of baby productivity this month!!!


For more pregnancy updates head over to my Baby #2 pregnancy page

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. While I don’t have anything to compare it to, I’ve had 2 boys who’s movement and kicks often were SUPER uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a boy thing?
    Also, with number two I gained LESS but my belly got SO MUCH BIGGER so fast. And it was a smaller baby!! From what I understand, the muscles in your belly are already weakened and loosened from pregnancy #1, which is why you show quicker with subsequent pregnancies.

    • I totally agree, my belly is getting bigger a lot faster. I’m totally okay with it and I love the shape its taking but its crazy how different you can look the second time around. I do believe that are bodies are more prepared and loosened so everything a little stretched out!!

      I hope you are feeling great ;)

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