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Baby #2: Pregnancy Update Weeks 36 & 37


Yay for being full term!!! It’s been such a relief for Marc and I to have reached this point. This pregnancy has tested me a lot, from the beginning nausea and morning sickness, to abnormal test results, to the stomach flu a second bout of stomach flu a month later, a few migraines, I think it’s almost over? I feel like my body has been through a lot of stress and I’m happy to say that this past month has been great!!!!

I have definitely cut back on exercise. Exhaustion has taken over but I’m still feeling overall good besides the tiredness (which to be honest we all experience on a normal basis!! especially with kids).

I’m super anxious to meet our baby boy, but I know he’s coming so I’m trying to enjoy my time to get things done and do stuff with Ava. I’ve also started treating myself to a trip to the hair salon, nail salon and you know the fun stuff like massages that I have scheduled this weekend!! :) A little pampering always feels nice.

Anyways, here’s a quick update for you!!

(I am currently 37 weeks 2 days)

THE BABY IS about 19 inches long, the size of a large cantaloupe or head of romaine lettuce (this is always so funny to me!) He is weighing about 6 lbs 14oz according to my doctor appointment yesterday!

Weight gained

I’m up around 24 lbs..


It’s a BOY!!!


I took this past week off from exercise so that I could reach full term without having the baby early since I showed progress at 1 cm 50% effaced at my 36 week apt. That was a struggle for me since I love to teach my classes. I almost felt lost and out of place!! I didn’t know what to do with myself and I still found myself tired even though I wasn’t exercising.

I walked Cooper daily with Marc and Ava but that was the extent of my exercise!! I’m looking forward to be able to do more this next week now that I’m cleared :)


Picture taken at 36 weeks


Besides being EXHAUSTED, my symptoms are rather minimal. I’ve had some braxton hicks contractions and mild cramps but nothing that is alarming.

I have been experiencing some sharp muscle spasms in my inner thighs and right butt cheek. I know it sounds funny but it’s SOOO WEIRD. Marc laughs at me but the sharp pain hurts even though it only lasts a few seconds.

Food Aversions: 

I’m loving most foods which is great, but after 5pm I get super picky and tend to eat more bland foods like cheerios, crackers, toast, etc.

Whatever works!!

Food Cravings: 

  • I LOVE PEACHES. I have one every day and maybe even 2. They are soo good
  • I also love watermelon and berries
  • white bread has been making a lot of appearances and english muffins
  • I still love potatoes of all kind
  • Chicken, beef and fish are a necessity at every meal. I need my protein
  • My sugar cravings and chocolate cravings haven’t been as strong but I did enjoy ice cream this week!


I don’t even want to say it, but sleep has been pretty good to me these last 5 nights. Fingers are crossed. I have been waking up 1-2x a night to pee which isn’t bad.

Maternity clothes: 

Give me all the stretchy clothes especially shorts. I’m always hot so I need to wear shorts and loose tank tops.

Stretch marks: 

None yet!



37 Weeks pregnant

Do I Miss anything: 

I miss sleeping through the night but I’m over it. I know it’s not going to happen for another few months so I’m trying to prepare myself!

I miss moving easier, bending over easier, being able to pick Ava up without worrying about my belly! I also miss exercising normally.


I figured I would snap a picture from the front view. Which looks totally different then the side profile. (37 weeks)


My little baby boy is getting big so the movements are different and more uncomfortable. He hiccups at least once a day and once at night. I love it except for when I’m trying to sleep at night!

Baby Items Purchased: 

We have purchased some smaller baby items that we need, like blankets, burp cloths a sound machine. We also got a ton of clothes from my baby sprinkle that my amazing friends threw for me.

Wedding rings ON or OFF: 

ON but I might take them off. I never had an issue with Ava and I don’t now but something about the heat and warm weather makes me nervous to have them on.

Belly Button IN or OUT? 

Sometimes OUT and sometimes flat! Mainly out though.

I’m Looking Forward To: 

I’m looking forward to each day I have left of this pregnancy. As much as I want this little guy to come I’m trying to enjoy being pregnant and embracing these last few weeks with a baby in my belly.

I am looking forward to each doctor’s appointment and I definitely can’t wait to see Ava with her baby brother.


These are similar to my symptoms. Some braxton hicks contractions and cramping. I’m also dilated and effaced which means things are happening.

Random Things:

At my appointment yesterday the baby was head down and he weighed almost 7 lbs which is crazy to me. Sure it’s not 100% accurate and he could be 6 or 8 lbs but I’m happy to hear he’s a healthy boy in the 58% for size :)

I’m currently 2cm and 50% effaced which is great and we are making progress. I am so interested to see how much longer I have to wait to meet this little boy. It could be weeks or days. Last night I was super crampy and this morning I was very crampy. I’ll take that as a good sign that things are moving along.

I can’t wait!!!

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