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Baby #2: Pregnancy update Week 38


I’m currently 38 weeks + 2 days pregnant and there are 12 days until my due date. UMMMM… I’m psyched.

I’m a very punctual person and I always arrive early, so I hope he follows my lead!!! Each day he stays put I know he’s getting healthier and stronger so that’s always a plus. I’ve learned before with Ava that the baby will come when he’s ready but the question is will he come early, on time or late?? Your guess is as good as mine and to be honest I would rather not think about it.

Every day people are asking me how I’m feeling, if I have any symptoms, or they tell me when they think the baby will be coming. The truth is NO one has an answer and that’s the hardest part of this waiting game.

I’m feeling pretty good these days and still functioning as I normally would. I am moving a bit slower, I feel a bit heavier and I have had some cranky moments but that’s expected when you are this pregnant right?! As much as I’m ready to meet our little guy, each of these days with just Ava has been super special. She’s said some amazing things to make me smile this week, for instance yesterday out of no where she said Mommy… I said Yes Ava, and she said I love you!! I could’ve cried on the spot. Of course I said I love you back and I told her how sweet that was. She sure knows how to make me happy and she’s been so much fun these past 2 weeks. It’s crazy to know things are about to drastically change for both of us :)

I’m looking forward to the long weekend ahead with my family and can’t wait to spend the days outside!

Here’s a 38 Week update for you:

THE BABY IS about 19-21 inches long Weighting about 6 lbs 14oz- 7 lbs according to my doctor appointment yesterday!

Weight gained

I’m up 25 lbs


It’s a BOY!!!


I’m back to teaching and it feels great. It’s so funny when you are told not to do something it makes you want to do it even more right? Well that’s how I felt from week 36-37 but now that I’m back to my normal routine I’m SOO happy. Exercise is both mentally and physically important to me. I love my job and helping others, but it keeps my mood stable and it is sort of my therapy on days I need it to be.


So far this week I have taught 4 classes and I haven’t had any issues besides some serious sweat dripping. This heat is crazy and I feel like I can’t drink enough water! I get short of breathe here and there but it’s not any different then before.

I plan to keep teaching until the baby comes and the doctor is supportive of it!


I’ve had some braxton hicks contractions, mild cramping and muscle spasms. These all come randomly and I don’t really think much about it because it’s been happening for weeks now!! I want some real symptoms, bring it on ;)

Food Aversions: 

I’m leaning more towards carbs lately and I think my body is telling me to stay away from veggies. My stomach is a little sensitive this past week so I’m trying to listen to it.

Food Cravings: 

  • I LOVE PEACHES. They are necessary every day.
  • Protein is important for me at every meal and when I don’t have it, things go haywire
  • CARBS are making a huge appearance. bread, pretzels, and potatoes are daily staples.
  • I really like all fruit and have been eating about 3 servings a day


Sleep has been okay. I wake up 2x at most to pee per night. The last 2 nights Cooper has barked to go out at 3am and that really messed me up because Ava wakes up and we have to get her back to bed. Besides that though I know my sleep would be good! I have taken a few occasional naps on days that I need it and those have helped.

Maternity clothes: 

I’m living in maternity clothes and loose tops that I feel comfortable in. With the warmer weather I’m pretty much in shorts and tanks every day!

Stretch marks: 

None yet!

Do I Miss anything: 

I miss comfortable sleep. I feel like my belly is weighing me down and it’s hard to stay put but I somehow manage.

Of course I miss the usual exercise, bending over, putting my shoes on like a normal 31 year old and not bumping into things with my belly ;)


My little boy moves a ton but at certain times of the day. I felt his leg and foot the other night for a while and he didn’t move it which was weird to me. I immediately had Marc feel it and he thought it was crazy too!! I get little kicks to the rib cage and hiccups DAILY!

Baby Items Purchased: 

We haven’t bought anything new this week, but we did move Ava to a big girl bed this week so that freed up the crib!! We are going to wait to set it up in the baby’s room until she’s fully adjusted to her new room/bed which she LOVES. Miracle!!!!


38 Weeks Pregnant and I love that big belly!

Wedding rings ON or OFF: 

ON but I’m debating whether to take them off. Everyone says I should to be safe.

Belly Button IN or OUT? 


I’m Looking Forward To: 

I’m counting down the days until we can meet this little boy of ours. I’m trying to soak up the alone time with Ava and I have been cherishing all her cuddles, hugs, playtime and stories. I’m trying not to get upset with her if she doesn’t listen or does something bad. I know she has a huge adjustment ahead of her and I want to help make it an easy transition by being there for her as much as possible.

IMG_0537 (1)

Cooper loves to be in pictures (38 Weeks 3 days)


I’ve had cramping and pressure plus some braxton hicks contractions but nothing that makes me feel like I’m anywhere close to labor.

I can’t believe I’m going to say it but I want to feel those REAL contractions :)

IMG_0527 (1)

my belly looks HUGE in this picture!! (38 Weeks 3 days)

Random Things:

I had a doctor apt yesterday morning and I’m 2 cm 50% effaced still. The doctor can feel the baby’s head so I guess everything is progressing the way it should. There’s no way of telling time so I’m trying my best not to think about it and just take each day as it comes!!

It’s easier to say that….. 14 days until we can hold this little baby boy and I can’t wait!!!


One more picture.. This one cracks me up because Cooper literally was in ALL the photos we tried to take, but at least he sat there like a good boy! Marc is laughing because he’s pretty much staring at my big belly and doesn’t know what to do in this awkward picture ;)

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I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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