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Bradley’s 6 month update


The big 6 MONTH post is here and late might I add. I had it written I just hadn’t uploaded photos and to be honest the past week has been crazy. Bradley has a double ear infection yet again and all my hours have been spent on keeping him calm and comfortable.

Anyways, this past half of a year has flown by in a blink of an eye. Part of me really can’t believe Bradley is already 6 months and the other part of me can because he looks like he’s 14 months… NO JOKE.

My boy is huge.. weighing in at 22lbs and 28.5 inches long. He’s outgrowing 12 month clothing and I really can’t keep up with his clothing changes. I am afraid to buy him anything because it probably won’t fit him next week. I’m sure you are thinking ya right, but he has clothes he’s worn once because once I wash it it seems to be too tight the next time he wears it.


Lets talk a little bit more about this sweet little face…



Bradley is making me so proud with his eating. I guess because that’s all he really does. He eats a lot. He has 5-6 bottles a day plus 2 meals, one veggie or fruit and one serving of oatmeal. We loved oatmeal for a while, but now that we are eating the good stuff oatmeal isn’t his favorite anymore.

Bradley loves…

  • sweet potatoes
  • green beans
  • peas
  • butternut squash
  • pears
  • apples

Carrots didn’t agree with him so we stopped that. We are just getting into new fruits this week. I’m sure he will love bananas and avocado too.  When bradley eats, he opens his mouth wide and he takes every last bit that I offer him. He would probably keep going if I let him but then that might cause some other problems that I don’t want to deal with.


Let’s just say I’m so happy he’s a good eater and I hope he continues this way.


Is this sleep section about Bradley or me?? Lets talk about him first because his sleep is more important.

I think Bradley is a good sleeper for a 6 month old! he’s usually in bed between 630-730pm and he will sleep usually until 6 the next morning, sometimes 7am sometimes 5am but I have no complaints about that.

I will complain about his pacifier that we are trying to get rid of. He usually wakes up at 145/2am for his pacifier and then again from 5am on… sometimes it’s easy and sometimes he spits it out thousands of times and I want to chuck that stupid thing out his window…….

but I secretly love it because he can soothe himself when he has it. Why do we have these things?? It only drives parents crazy. Anyways,  when the time is right I will get rid of it but for now it works, especially when he’s teething.

This week sleep was horrible… a double ear infection means no sleep and a mom that is cranky.


Bradley didn’t want to be put down so I held him the whole night so he could sleep. The sacrifices moms make for their kids is insane but I would do anything to have a healthy happy kid. That smile in the picture is me enjoying the baby cuddles not the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to sleep.

So my sleep could be better, but it could be worse. I’ll take what I can get right now in the sleep department and push through!!! It’s just a phase of life right? If I could only remind myself that at 3am.

I currently drink 1/2 cup- 1 cup of coffee to survive. Marc laughs at me and tells me not to drink all the coffee but the truth is I’m not a big coffee drinker so that’s a lot to me ;)



The best time is always play time. Bradley with a full belly + playtime = lots of smiles and baby giggles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his smile & laugh are contagious to our whole family. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is he somehow makes us grin from ear to ear.

Bradley loves peekaboo, toys, books, songs, anything he can put in his mouth, rattles, and all of Ava’s toys.


If you put a toy far away from him he will roll and scoot his way to the toy. I foresee crawling in the very near future and that makes me nervous/excited. Once Ava started crawling it changed the game, but we are prepared this time and our house is baby proofed.



This past month Ava and Bradley have been interacting on a daily basis. Ava now realizes Bradley can play with toys, he can make her smile and he can pull her hair ;) She loves him and always wants to be around him when she can.

When we pick her up at school she runs over to him to give him a big hug and a kiss, it makes my heart melt. Sometimes we have to tell her not to squeeze him so hard when she hugs Bradley but she must be confused since we always ask her for big hugs.


This past month there have been some funny moments:

  • I went into the kitchen to grab a baby wipe and came back to Ava laying on top of Bradley. After a mini heart attack I was relieved to find Bradley laughing hysterically at her.
  • I asked Ava to babysit Bradley so I could go pee. He was sitting in the rock n play and when I came back she had piled as many toys as she could around him. She said he needed toys to play with and I couldn’t help but smile.
  • I came into the living room and Bradley was naked and Ava told me she was giving him a diaper change. Luckily he didn’t pee on her because she wasn’t prepared and had no diaper to change him with!

There’s a lot of crazy with these two kiddos but I wouldn’t change a thing. Ava is so sweet with her little brother and all of the chaos is worth it when I get to see the two of them laughing uncontrollably together over nothing but baby tickles.

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Those two sound adorable together! I love that they already get along so well!

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