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Holiday happenings

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I hope you all had a healthy happy thanksgiving!

My day was wonderful and full of great food and great people. Instead of traveling to Rhode Island to be with Marc’s family our Doctor thought it was a smart idea to keep me local in case I were to go into labor! It was a lot less stressful not traveling and we enjoyed our time in Greenwich.

Thanksgiving morning started off with a trip to the YMCA to walk on the treadmill. I was overly happy with the large crowd of people getting a good workout in before the big meal. Although the roads were empty, there was definitely a party at the Y at 9am!!! After a nice 30 minute walk on the treadmill I headed home to get changed and ready for the day.

My mom’s friend Debbie (pretty much her sister from another mother) had a huge thanksgiving meal planned for 30 people. We were lucky enough to join the fun. She insisted on not bringing anything but I made a pumpkin bar dessert!


Take a look at my thanksgiving plate… my eyes were WAY bigger then my stomach. I keep forgetting I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant and there’s not much room in my stomach right now. I hate wasting food so I wasn’t happy about not finishing.


Here is a cute pic of Marc and I practicing to be parents.. how cute is Alessandro!!

IMG_1993 IMG_1989



Did you go shopping for Black Friday? I decided that I could wait for the shopping and there wasn’t anything I was dying to buy right away to face the crowds. Instead I dragged my family out for a long walk in the cold!! Baby G needs to make her exit soon and I thought I would help :) We walked for 45 minutes around Greenwich Avenue.. we heard Santa and his reindeer were gonna stop by but we never saw them!

In the afternoon, I started to decorate the house for Christmas!! I was so excited and waiting for Friday to roll around to put out the decorations!


Marc & I also cooked up a 2nd Thanksgiving Meal while we decorated because we wanted some turkey leftovers.  I guess you could say I was CRAVING more turkey.  Cooking a turkey and all the sides isn’t really too difficult it’s just time consuming and we were home so it really wasn’t stressful at all. We had everything done in 3 hours! Not bad and now we have food for the week.

THE TWIST on our Thanksgiving meal was that it was ALL HEALTHY!!! We made Skinny mashed sweet potatoes, corn, roasted asparagus, roasted green beans, whole wheat stuffing, mashed potatoes, & homemade gravy. I think the gravy was the only unhealthy part due to the fat content from the turkey drippings!

On the agenda for Saturday…. another LONG WALK and Picking out a Christmas Tree!!!

Baby G will be here in approximately 17 days! What is you guess on her arrival???



Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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  1. I’m also trying to walk the baby out. So far no luck, although it’s nice to feel like I’m actively doing something to get labor started!

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