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by Kelly

38 Weeks


With approximately 14 days remaining I am getting super excited to meet this little girl. When I am not working I am trying to pass time by doing everything I can possibly think of… cleaning, cooking, running errands, shopping, walking, working out, reading, watching movies.. etc. Being patient at this point is easier said then done, but with each day that passes I get more excited!

My doctor appointment was great this morning. Everything looks great with the baby, and I am 1cm Dilated and about 60% effaced! Making progress :) Keep your fingers crossed she makes an appearance before xmas.. thanks!

Pregnancy Fitness Update: This past week of exercise was great and the primary focus was on walking. My two strength workouts were from Group Power and I also participated in some of the boot camp class last tuesday.

Here is what Baby G has been up to this past week!!


THE BABY IS about 19-22 inches long, she is still the size of a watermelon, Weighing anywhere between  6-7 lbs


WEIGHT GAINED: up 1/2 lb.. still up 22.2 lbs 

GENDER: It’s a girl!!!


TUESDAY Taught boot camp

WEDNESDAY  1 hour group power class (strength training)

THURSDAY 30 minute walk on the treadmill with a slight incline

FRIDAY  50 minute walk outside


SUNDAY 20 minute walk with the dog

MONDAY  Group Power (1 hour strength training) and taught senior fitness


FOOD AVERSIONS: I can’t think of any aversions from the past week.. I guess that’s because we ate a lot of the same turkey leftovers for a few days straight :)

FOOD CRAVINGS: chocolate.. for the first time I had a serious sweet craving and chocolate was it. I guess I might have been low in magnesium but I indulged in some plain M&M’s and a cookie that my mom made. My other cravings haven’t changed, I need fruit daily and lately it’s clementines and berries. I love yogurt parfaits and usually have that as a snack. Oh yeah 1 more craving TURKEY… I can’t get enough.

SLEEP: I can’t complain too much in the sleep department. Although getting up to pee is annoying, I am used to it and not phased at all. I do however feel super challenged when I try to roll out of bed! Can’t wait to have my abs back.. we take that for granted!

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  No new maternity clothes. I think I should be okay up until the end with what I have now.


DO I MISS ANYTHING:  I miss the usual, my old clothes, my pre-pregnancy workouts, sleeping through the night, laying on my back and my stomach.

MOVEMENT: Baby G’s little feet are always kicking my up my right rib cage, it is getting tighter in there so she must be trying to stretch out. Her hiccups are still daily and they are really low!


BABY ITEMS PURCHASED:  No baby purchases this week!



SYMPTOMS: braxton hicks contractions are more frequent, they are so annoying! I don’t get heartburn anymore which is fabulous.. so I can eat spicy food again! Too bad my tolerance for spice has gone down. I am a wimp.


LABOR SIGNS: Last night I had TONS of Braxton hicks contractions accompanied by some mild cramping. I will take that as a good sign!! Bring it on.

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Doing some christmas shopping, I am running short on time so I really need to get it done. Also I have Marc’s 30th bday to shop for. ideas??

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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