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by Kelly

My First Barre Class


Yesterday I took my first Barre class at PURE BARRE in Greenwich, CT.


If you are looking to try a BARRE class be ready for a workout that will push your body to the limit. Most of the workout was body weight training that focused on leaning out the muscles, however we did use light free weights and a ball. The workout is done in your socks which is fun too :)



I have done SO many different classes before but nothing like a Barre class. With such tiny movements throughout the class I questioned how my muscles would get fatigued but it didn’t take long before I got a burn! There were moments when my thighs were screaming and I couldn’t wait for the countdown from 10 to be over! I don’t know if my Quads were sore from teaching Group Power the night before but wow were they on fire yesterday.

Some of the weight bearing lower body exercises were challenging, but in a good way. I loved holding a squat on my tippy toes, it was a move I’ve never done before and my legs were shaking just from holding that position for minute straight!

I noticed throughout the workout that my legs were more challenged then my upper body but I’m sure that will change the next time I take a class. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a low-impact workout, it is easy on the joints but tough on the muscles! As you can see my heart rate didn’t get too high, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great workout.

IMG_3965 IMG_3966

My first Barre experience was fun! There were a few technical points I need to work on, like “tucking my hip” and keeping my lower back from arching, but for my first day I think I did okay.

I’m looking forward to seeing what my second workout brings. Check out the Pure Barre schedule and give it a try!

***Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by Pure Barre in Greenwich, CT. All thoughts and Opinions are my own however I am compensated with a free month of classes***


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