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by Kelly

Weekends aren’t always picture perfect


As I sit down to write this post and think of my weekend, I can’t say it was my favorite. I guess my weekend didn’t go as planned which made it not as great as others but stuff happens.

Friday night was great, I got to see my niece Emily who is a week old. She is SO cute and it was great to hold her.

Saturday morning we woke up with more snow on the ground then expected which meant my Boot Camp class was canceled. I guess it was a sign because Ava wasn’t feeling well, she was tugging on her ear, fussy, and had random spurts of crying. This wasn’t her normal self, she NEVER cries. So I ended up taking her to the Doctor.  We waited for an hour for the Doctor to tell us exactly what we expected.  She had an ear infection!! Ugh poor girl. We spent the rest of our day running errands to pick up medicine and food to keep her comfortable.

Saturday night we cooked dinner at home. I’m not too sure why I only took pictures of the veggies!


The steak we had was the best part and I only took pictures of the veggies, how did that happen?


Marc made Sirloin Tips in a red wine & balsamic sauce… it was AMAZING. Once it was on the table I gobbled it up.

Clearly my mind wasn’t focused on pictures or my blog this weekend.


But I did manage to snap a couple pictures of Ava smiling while she played with Cooper. Her medicine kicked in!!


It was so cute to see her holding the bone for Cooper to play with. Don’t worry he is EXTRA Gentle when she holds it.

Sunday we woke up, and I had a headache plus Ava was still under the weather. I kept going back and forth about bringing her to Rhode Island for a birthday party for our niece Natalie. After hours of contemplating we went.


Ava toughed it out and was such a trooper

 IMG_2377 IMG_2379

but I might regret it today because she’s back to a fussy baby who’s got an earache.

Alright enough talk about the “lows” from my weekend.

This morning I taught Group Power and I was ready to go and super pumped up. I had a lot of energy and we had a great group of people.


I quickly ran home posted this blog and now I’m heading back to teach another class. Apparently there’s a blizzard heading our way this afternoon. The grocery stores were crazy last night, but we are all stocked up and have tons of whole milk for Ava.

We will be stuck inside for the next 2 days! I am not gonna lie, I am EXCITED for the crazy amount of snow we are supposed to get. I can’t wait to play in the backyard. I think they are saying between 1 1/2-2 feet! That’s like Ava’s height.

 I am a bit nervous for the fact that we could lose power, that would stink!! How are we going to entertain Ava in the dark??? No Mickey mouse? Suggestions are welcome.

Good luck to all of you in the Northeast that will be hit hard from the storm, stay safe!

Are you going to get hammered by the snow? Have you stocked up?

Do you ever have a bad weekend?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. So sorry your weekend wasn’t as great as planned. Gotta love the surprises that come with kids! We don’t get snow here (besides in the nearby mountains) so it’s always interesting to hear of others snowed in. I would die! First I get so cold there’s no way I could live in the snow. Second, I’m deathly afraid of driving in the snow so I’d stay home all winter. Which wouldn’t be good…

    • I don’t mind the snow but not when there’s crazy amounts. This storm ended up being okay but I agree I don’t like to drive in the snow! It sorta scares me!

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