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My 7 Healthy Pantry Staples


Wow, it’s Friday and I’m loving it.. this week was lightening fast and I’m pumped for my weekend ahead.

I wrote this post because I’m curious as to what everyone else has in their pantry. I try really hard to keep these 7 items on hand at all times because I use them a lot!


My Top 7 Healthy Pantry Staples:

1. Peanut Butter I usually buy Stop & Shop’s jarred peanut butter. It has 2 ingredients: peanuts & salt, and it only costs about $2! Marc, Ava, and I go through a jar in about 10 days or less so extra is always necessary in our pantry.


2. Canned Tuna & Canned Chicken Some days are busier then others and if I have no food in the fridge I love having a quick protein option like canned tuna or chicken that I can whip up in 2 minutes with some avocado & tomatoes!


3. Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruit When in doubt a filling snack for me is a Nut mix. My favorite nuts are pistachios & almonds. This is from Trader Joe’s and is about $5 or so and I’m obsessed with the great flavor this mix has.


4. Oats & Oatmeal Packets Believe it or not growing up I hated oatmeal. The texture was just gross to me. Now I am a huge fan. The single serve plain oatmeal packets are great for portion control and on the go snacks! I have been eating oatmeal at least 5x a week this past month!


5. Healthy Soup Not all canned soup is healthy. I make sure mine doesn’t have extra sugars, processed chemicals, or any ingredients I can’t pronounce. I usually make home-made soup but a back up soup is always great to have!


6. Almond Milk this is only $1.69 at Trader Joe’s. Almond milk has grown on me and I love it with my oatmeal and coffee! It also contain 45% of your daily calcium.. that’s awesome!


Pickles I try to keep pickles on hand when I need a salt fix they are packed with sodium and I love the taste! An added bonus is they are low-calorie!


I definitely have other pantry staples but I would say these 7 items are on my top used list!!

Well it’s Friday the 13th again… not like that matters but I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend!!

What are your healthy pantry staple items? 

Are you a snack person?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. That’s a good deal for almond milk- I think the kind I get is like $3.99! And I always have some sort of nuts/trail mix in my pantry- they last forever so there’s no reason not to have them in case of emergency!

    • $3.99 is expensive for almond milk, but I guess its worth it :)

      Very true about the trail mix.. it really never goes bad! I love having extra though because we go through it so quickly!!

  2. I always have almond milk and nut butter in my pantry! I wrote a similar post recently, only my list included things found in my fruit basket too, so I included bananas and apples — which I always have on hand!

    • Hi Nicole!! omg I think I eat a banana and an apple every day.. I feel like I am always buying them at the store haha!

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