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by Kelly

Weekend Recap & Outdoor fun


Hello Monday and good bye weekend!

I don’t really dread Mondays at all, but I don’t like ending a weekend of fun. Do you feel the same?

Friday in the late afternoon my co-worker Stephanie dropped her Dog Barley off for the weekend.  They had a weekend trip planned for a wedding, and Barley was ours to watch and care for. I have to admit I was overly excited to dogsit Barley because Cooper absolutely loves her.


They play/wrestle with each other for hours on end and it definitely makes taking care of a dog and a toddler 100x easier.


Ava got to play in her new sandbox that her Grandpa bought her. She was not happy when it was time  to get out and had so much fun playing with the toys.  Covering them with sand entertained her the most.


Friday night was a nice low key night for us. We hung out at home and grilled an easy dinner and relaxed. We all woke up early Saturday morning, ate a quick breakfast and then took Cooper & Barley for a 30 minute walk and let them run around the field for 30 minutes.


When we got home they were both exhausted but I know they had fun.


I’m glad we got their exercise in early because it started to get pretty hot. We decided to take a ride over to my parents to let Ava splash around in the pool. I enjoyed having my feet in their too!


Ava is learning how to blow bubbles in the water.

After lunch, I decided to take Barley for a run. She is super behaved on the leash I figured I would let her get some alone time. I think I may have had more fun then she did. I hadn’t run in a very long time and it felt great.

Around 2:45pm I left for my friends surprise baby Shower in Hamden, CT


It was such a lovely shower for my friend Kelly, with just her closest friends.  We had fun playing some games and eating delicious food!


This game was interesting. We had to guess who each of these famous men were in the pictures. It was surprisingly hard!

Sunday we basically repeated our Saturday morning with a big breakfast and a long walk with the dogs. It was so humid out I was sweating within the first few minutes!


Ava was straight up relaxing in her stroller.

Since I was all sweaty I wanted to do a quick Insanity Max30 workout before I showered. I popped in a cardio challenge DVD and started working hard. At about 13 1/2 minutes into the workout my upper inner thigh started bothering me so I stopped.

I felt it after my run Saturday but didn’t think anything of it. I was so MAD I had to stop the DVD because mentally I wanted to keep going but I wasn’t going to push myself and cause a minor pain to become a more serious injury.

It kinda dampened my mood but I got over it quickly. Marc made some delicious grilled chicken for lunch.


His grilled chicken is always amazing.

In the afternoon we went to Greenwich Ave in attempt to let Ava play on the playground and let the dogs run on the field, but there was a soccer game going on so we just walked with them around Greenwich Avenue until we were all too sweaty and hot.

For dinner we got take out Thai Food. I loved every bite!! Ava ate all the carrots out of my Brown Chicken Dish but I’m glad that she at least enjoyed part of it!

That pretty much wraps up our weekend!

 What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever cut a workout short because of a muscle strain?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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