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by Kelly

Things I’m loving this week!


Today’s Friday already and my vacation week is flying by… how does that happen??? The first part of our week was spent in Rhode Island and the second part was a “staycation” in Greenwich.


We have enjoyed the last couple days at the beach and are planning to go to Todd’s point again early today. The weather has been perfect and we’ve practically had the beach to ourselves.


It’s so relaxing and peaceful and I really don’t want summer to end.

IMG_6921 IMG_6926

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but vacation time got in the way of me blogging.

I figured today was a great day to share some of the things I’m loving this week!

First up is my workouts. Being able to workout the way I want to has been so awesome. Don’t get me wrong I love my job as an instructor, but sometimes I’m forced to do specific workouts on certain days when I would rather be working on a different area of fitness. So this week I took advantage of mixing up my workouts. I did a few 21 day fix workouts plus boot camp class and it felt great. I feel a difference in my arm strength this week and my inner thighs are on fire….two thumbs up.


This quote was perfect for my workouts this week. I literally dripped so much sweat but you know what it felt great!

I’m loving Terrafina Trail mix. I bought it when we were in Rhode Island and it’s a great mix of nuts, seeds, & raisins. We have been snacking on it while we are at the beach and it’s almost gone. Mixed nuts have been my snack of choice this week.


We have eaten a few lunches at home this week. Once we left the beach Ava was wiped so we came home so she could nap and I ran out to Citarella to get some food. This Orange Glazed Chicken was AMAZING. We also had roasted butternut squash with carmelized onions and cranberries. SO Delicious. I love stores that offer fresh prepared meals. It was like eating at a restaurant in our house. I highly recommend Citarella.


Twice this week I had a Quest bar after my workouts. It’s an easy snack for me to grab and I love that it’s super high in protein because my muscles needed it this week. I’m pretty sure the cookie dough flavor is to die for.


I found this Quinoa mix at Stop and Shop the other day and I’m glad I did. It only has “real” ingredients and it was so easy to make. It was the perfect side dish to chicken or fish and I the taste was great!


Spending time with family this week has been incredible and I don’t want it to end.


It’s made me push aside all the non important things in life and focus on what really matters and to me that’s happiness. If you aren’t happy you aren’t living.

Have you ever had a “staycation” before?

What’s something you are loving this week?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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