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Baby #2: Pregnancy Update Week 15 & 16


I apologize for the lack of post yesterday but Ava and I were home sick so that was the last thing on my mind!!

I’m actually heading to the doctor this morning for a prenatal check up and I can’t wait to hear the heart beat :)

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant, however I wanted to share with you some baby updates from WEEK 15 & 16. It’s kinda fun to see the changes and progress throughout the pregnancy.

Of course I know you want to hear my cravings and complaints right??


Week 15

The baby is the size of a ORANGE

Week 16 

The baby is the size of a AVOCADO


Week 15 

Gained 1 lb (up 9lbs) I’m totally ahead on the weight gain but I’m totally fine with it.

Week 16

1 lb gain (up 10lb) 


Week 15

This was another normal week for me. My workout schedule. 2 Group Power Classes, 2 Fit For Life, & 2 Boot Camp Classes plus I walked Cooper on several days. I also did a cardio workout at home on Saturday that took about 30 minutes.

Week 16

My work week was the same as last week, I taught 6 classes, I also did a ton of walking! I took the weekend off to rest, I wasn’t feeling well I had a nasty head cold!


Picture taken at 15 weeks


Week 15

My nausea is about 80% gone. I had several days with nausea from about 3-6pm but besides that I have been feeling like my old self and being super productive :) I am happy to be feeling better!

Week 16

Knock on wood…. the nausea is finally subsiding. I have small moments but they are manageable. I have had a few headaches but I think that was due to my head cold!

I was never sick during my pregnancy with Ava but this time I had one minor sore throat and then this nasty head cold. I guess it’s also the time of year. Oh well. All in all it hasn’t been a bad week :)


Week 15

Leftovers…. this one stinks because I am a leftover queen but when I look at something that I ate for dinner the night before I wanna gag. Also I still can’t stomach sweet potatoes or peanut butter :( HELP!

Week 16

Still can’t eat sweet potatoes, I forced myself to eat peanut butter, I’m not really into mexican food but guacamole was good this week.


Week 15

I love potatoes & protein (chicken & beef), grilled cheese have been one of my night time snacks a couple times last week!! I like yogurt parfaits, eggs, cheerios & KIND Bars.

Week 16

Grilled Cheese, yogurt parfaits, chili, cape cod potato chips, grapes, eggs, BACON.


Week 15

Sleep is awesome. I sleep anywhere between 7 1/2-8 hours each night. I can’t wait to sprawl out in my bed at night and just close my eyes, sleep is good. I had a couple nights with some ridiculously crazy dreams that woke me up but that happens right?

Week 16

Sleep had been great up until I got sick. I was sleeping like a rock but these last few nights I’ve had trouble breathing through my nose so I slept propped up. I hate stuffy noses!!! I’m hoping tonight is a better night.

IMG_9238 IMG_9237

Pictures taken at 16 weeks


Week 15 

I get to go to the doctor next week and I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat!! :)

Week 15

I head to the Doctor Tuesday afternoon and we get to hear the heartbeat and find out how the baby is measuring up.


Week 15

I totally miss runny eggs.. over easy eggs whatever you want to call them!! They are my ultimate favorite and I’m sorry but scrambled eggs are NOT the same.

Week 16

Besides the runny eggs, I do miss a good cold cut sandwich. I can eat organic cold cuts that have no nitrates/preservatives etc but there’s something so delicious about walking into a deli and having a freshly made sandwich!


Week 15

I am back to thinking it’s a boy. I feel a little different this time around…. my guess will change again I’m sure.

Week 16

I think I’m going to stop guessing!!


Week 15

This week I felt flutters and some other movements. It seriously made me so excited!!!!

Week 16

I felt more movement on a regular basis this week. Mostly around 3pm and 10pm when I had the opportunity to sit around. The movements felt like popcorn inside, I know those kicks and punches will soon feel a lot stronger but I’m enjoying everything I feel on every single day :) It makes this process soo much fun.


We are still holding off on buying things until we find out if its a boy or girl on February 17th


Week 15

This past week has been SOOO much better overall. I really can’t complain. There were moments I forgot I was pregnant and I know it sounds weird but I was thankful to feel normal and not have any HUGE symptoms overpowering my brains and thoughts.

I am starting to feel more pregnant. My workout capris are no longer comfortable. I am in desperate need of a shopping trip. All of my pants are tight around the middle and it started making me cramp so I stopped wearing them and I’m limited to 2 pairs that I have to keep washing. That’s not fun.

I like seeing a baby bump though, I know that baby is growing, is healthy, and is making progress. 5 1/2 months until I get to meet this little one ;)

Week 16

I blame my productiveness and every levels last week on my head cold during week 16. I had a couple nights where i slept a little less from waking up early and I think my body was like enough is enough. SOO week 16 wasn’t amazing but I was nausea free for the most part!

I’m REALLY looking forward to next week. i see so many good things coming this week. I know I will be feeling better, I know I will have good energy and I will be closer to finding out what gender this little baby is!

If you have ever been pregnant did you ever get sick? 

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