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Things I’m loving this week


This week has been a whirlwind! I have been busy and productive which is always a plus. I can honestly say I’m ready to kick my feet up tonight and chill with Marc & Ava.

We are headed to Rhode Island bright & early tomorrow morning to visit some family. Ava is SUPER excited so see her cousins.

As for Valentine’s Day, we have nothing crazy going on. I have some plans to make Marc & Ava breakfast and then maybe we will watch a movie or something.

I figured I would share some things i’ve been loving this week so that we can end this week on a positive note!!

If you have read my blog before my dad is a huge Costco fan so I go with him on occasion to stock up on some big items and find new treats to test out. We stumbled upon AUSSIE BITES and let me tell you, Costco has outdone themselves again. Aussie bites are my new favorite cookie, treat, snack whatever you want to call it. It’s healthy and nutritious and I secretly wanted to hide the container so I could have them all to myself.


RX bars. I know I have mentioned them in several posts these past couple of weeks, but I need to restock. I’m almost all out and I’m finally starting to favor certain flavors over others. My 2 favorites are Coconut Chocolate and Chocolate sea salt.


I also like coffee and blueberry but I can’t eat those every day. Clean ingredients in bar form is amazing for this busy mom. I am constantly looking for new healthy snacks to throw in my purse, diaper bag, gym bag, car you name it!!

IMG_9249 IMG_9329

I did some CARDIO this weekend on a machine. While machines aren’t my favorite form of cardio, it felt great to sweat and not have to lift weights for a change. I actually felt a lot stronger during my cardio session which was interesting to me since I’m pregnant but it did get me excited :)


I made a trip to Marshals this week and I told Ava we could buy a new toy. This girl started loading the cart with all the toys she can find. Ummm sorry Ava I said 1 toy. She’s funny though and at least she tried. I ended up spending $100 in Marshals, How? I’m not sure. I bought a new rug for the front door, a new baby outfit, some random snacks, a candle, a toddler gift, a mug, I pretty much bought one of everything but I was super happy with this decorative Valentine’s day saying that I found. My house is pretty simple, plain and not filled with decorations but I love to put something small out for each holiday and this just seemed right!


My mom’s chicken cutlets are pretty freaking awesome and she made them for me this week. I guess that’s a perk to being pregnant, or having a mom that spoils you. I literally will eat these every day even cold. If there’s one thing I enjoy the most of my mom’s cooking it’s these chicken cutlets and this picture doesn’t do them any justice.


Maybe because I rushed to take it so I could devour it ;)

With Valentine’s day this weekend I questioned what to get for Marc, Ava and my parents. Marc and I have agreed not to buy anything crazy, we have everything we need but I want to get him a little something and I’m stumped.. I am taking suggestions so please send me some.


Ava and I will be putting together little gift bags for my parents filled with some of their favorite candy. It’s just something small but I know they will appreciate a little card and candy from Ava.

If  there’s one thing I’m not really into it’s candy. I know hate me, roll your eyes, its just not my thing. Give me a brownie, a chocolate covered strawberry or a lava cake and I will love you forever!! Give me a box of candy and it will sit in my pantry for a year, no joke ask Marc.

SOOO you can bet I will be treating myself to a chocolate covered strawberry or two this weekend!!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans this weekend?

What’s something you are loving this week?

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I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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