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WIAW: Bowls of Goodness



I am beyond thrilled that it’s Wednesday already. I’m ready for the weekend is that bad?

Yesterday I had a random journal entry blog post about ways I coped with pregnancy nausea in the first trimester. I wrote the post back when I was 7 weeks and here I am at 18 weeks with virtually no nausea. When I re-read my post I couldn’t help but feel bad for myself and that I had to deal with morning sickness for 3 months. Then I thought about it again and realized it’s part of this amazing ride called pregnancy and most women have to deal with it.  I’m happy to say that at some point it does come to an end and I think I am there! Hooray.

NOW… On to better topics like food ;)


I’m linking up with the WIAW crew today over on Laura’s blog to share my food journal from yesterday!

I debated which day to share and while Monday I had a lot of good meals the pictures were not so pretty.

Here goes……

My Tuesday morning started off a little later then usual. I had a day off!!! I had a few sips of coffee while sitting on the couch with Ava and Marc. That didn’t last long as my stomach started to rumble. I quickly whipped up some scrambled eggs with peppers & potatoes. YUM.


As a mid morning snack I had a banana and Ava’s leftover eggs/toast. Hahah I can’t believe I just said that but it’s true. I hate to waste food and I love eggs so it worked. (sorry no picture, it really wasn’t picture worthy!)

I also ate an orange around 11am.


My dad is off from work this week so he asked if I wanted lunch from Firehouse Deli. Without hesitation I ordered their Bailiwick Salad which is Mixed greens topped with artichokes, roasted red peppers, and the best grilled chicken. The dressing is balsamic and olive oil! The chicken in this salad is AMAZING did I say that already?? I know they marinate it in some special sauce but it’s ridiculously good. I mean chicken is chicken unless its topped with a magical sauce, right?!!


 So much for being creative and different. My afternoon snack for the last week straight has been a Siggis’s Greek yogurt parfait with some fruit and granola. I cannot get enough! pregnancy cravings are real and I’m rolling with this one :)


Dinner came on the earlier side because I had boot camp class and I need that food to be digested!!! I had leftover Turkey chili with beans, brown rice & avocado. 


Probably not the greatest choice pre-workout but my belly loved every second!!!

After Boot Camp I refueled with an Mint Chocolate RX Bar and Cheerios. That’s a good balance right there. The Mint bar was so refreshing and it tastes like a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, no joke.


Most of my meals were served in bowls yesterday, coincidence or not they all tasted great!

What was something amazing you ate yesterday?
Do you like RX Bars?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I’ve never had those bars but man, they look good! I also love Siggis! Love the coconut flavor- I can’t get enough!

    • I’ve never had Siggi’s Coconut yogurt, that sounds pretty delicious. I will keep my eyes open.

      You can order the RX bars on or they aren’t cheap but I love knowing I’m eating something real.

  2. 85% of my meals are in bowls too! I need to try those bars, loving the minimal ingredients! I understand about the toast leftovers – I totally hate food waste!

    • I must admit I like eating out of bowls too :)

      Now that I’m pregnant eating clean is even more of a priority so those RX bars are a great post workout snack and I eat them in the car when I am on the go!! I think you should try them.

  3. Oh my goodness, I need that salad ASAP. It looks AMAZING. I eat SO. MANY of my son’s leftovers, so we’re in the same boat!

    • That salad is my favorite. It’s super simple but they do something extra special to it.

      I’m so glad i’m not the only leftover mama queen. I literally don’t let Ava waste anything. If she doesn’t let me eat it she will give it to our dog ;)

  4. There are so many good eats here! I would love to try an RX bar. I’ve seen them several places, and small ingredient lists are always attractive. :)

    • Thanks Emily! I highly recommend the RX bar. It’s nice knowing there’s no junk in it, and it is a perfect travel snack!!!

  5. I’ve never heard of RX bars, but I want to try it now!

    Confession: the nausea part of pregnancy was the biggest reason I said I never wanted kids. Serious vomit phobia.

    • You need to try RX bars they are soo good. Very similar to larabars but they have egg white protein in them!

      I can admit that I hate the nausea part of pregnancy but not everyone has to go through it ;)

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