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WIAW: The BEST soup ever


I hope you week is going by rather quickly and your day is off to a good start. I tend to talk about food a lot on this blog, but food is a part of all of our lives and if you think about it we probably spend a lot of time eating, cooking and thinking about meals!

Sometimes that’s fun and other times I just want someone else to do the thinking for me!!

I’m linking up with the WIAW crew to share my food journal with you from Monday. Marc was off from work that day and it was SO nice to have him around the house. It made Monday extra special.

My alarm went off at 6:15am. I like that time and it wasn’t hard to get up. I made myself a quick breakfast scramble with eggs, peppers & potatoes. I also had a large glass of water while cooking and 1/2 cup of coffee. I know I’m random with the coffee but I don’t drink a lot so I’m being accurate with the 1/2 cup.


I was out the door around 7am to teach Group Power at 730am. It was nice to not have to pack Ava’s bag for childcare and worry about what she was wearing since Marc was home for the day!!! It was one less thing on my morning to do list.


Not a bad strength training workout for a pregnant lady!!

After class I came home to see Marc and Ava. I refueled with a banana immediately after the class.


Once I got home I made a Chocolate shakeology protein drink. My body needed the protein.


A little while later I had a piece of toast with an egg on top! The baby was still hungry ;)


Marc had some projects he wanted to work on around the house so I played with Ava until I needed to go back and teach my Fit For Life class. Marc started to build a bench and shelves for our back entrance so we would have a place to put shoes and coats, etc.

We decided to eat lunch at home, probably because I was starving but also because Ava was tired and ready for a nap. I ate some leftover Lemon Chicken with a little pasta that Ava ended up eating from me


Plus 2 bowls of this AMAZING Sweet Potato soup. My mom’s friend who is a chef made it for me. That is a PERK to being pregnant. Amazing people help you satisfy your cravings. At least this was a healthy one ;)


I had to hold myself back from a 3rd bowl because even though it tasted heavenly I was stuffed.. After lunch Marc continued to work on his projects and I did some computer work while Ava slept.

I snacked on an orange and also these green bean snacks. I’m not sure If I like them a lot or they are just salty and crunchy which is always satisfying.


While Ava was still asleep I took Cooper for a nice long walk, it was sunny and almost 50 degrees out!! I loved it.

At around 430pm we took Ava to the playground to let her get out some energy and also get fresh air. She ran around for 30 minutes straight with a giant smile on her face. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the highlight of my day.

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We ate dinner around 530pm. I was too hungry to cook a new meal but I was thankful for some food prep I did this weekend. I had 2 pieces of Chicken Marsala and a Veggie burger.


This meal is not photogenic, it looks terrible but it was yummy. Don’t you hate when your plate doesn’t look appetizing???

My night snack was some grapes and a healthy brownie with a little ice cream.


I recycled this photo from Valentine’s Day because I forgot to snap a picture.

After Ava went to bed we watched the show Superstore! Have you guys watched it? We find it rather amusing and who doesn’t love a good laugh??? My night time snack was….

PS: I AM OFFICIALLY 20 weeks pregnant which means I am half way through this pregnancy… WOW!

What’s something yummy you ate this week?

Do you like when you have a night off from cooking?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I had a night off cooking… and that meant lemon chicken! Vegas treated me to a home cooked dinner since I hiked all day. :)

    I’m salivating over that soup – it sounds amazing!

    • Oooohhh I love when the significant others cook :) isn’t it nice?!

      The soup is to die for.. I’m obsessed and making another batch this weekend.

  2. Oh man, chicken marsala is my favorite ever! Now I’m definitely craving it!!

    • I feel like my picture of the chicken marsala looked so bad but really it was the bomb haha. I love it too and I hope that you can satisfy that craving soon ;)

  3. 20 weeks pregnant!! YAY! :) You’re halfway. That soup looks amazingly creamy. It’s like a stupendous work of art.

    • I’m super pumped to be half way. It seems kind of crazy that I’m already at that point but I love it at the same time.
      The soup is creamy and velvetty if that’s a word lol. I have eaten it with my lunch every day this week!!

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