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WIAW: Two Cravings


It’s Wednesday which means we are getting closer to the weekend and I have my food journal to share with you! Which one is more exciting?????

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant about 3 months left!! My food choices are pretty normal these days minus a few chocolate cravings ;)


Since it’s Wednesday I figured I should link up with the What I ate Wednesday Crew over on Arman’s Blog today to share my food journal with you from Monday. I can’t say this is my healthiest day of eats. I did eat cereal/granola a couple times but it is what it is so here ya go:

For Breakfast I whipped up 2 eggs with diced peppers & potatoes.


I’m not going to lie, green peppers aren’t my favorite but this worked that morning.

I taught Group Power at 730am. We had a lively & enthusiastic bunch for an early Monday class. I left feeling super sweaty and my muscles were exhausted. I immediately snacked on a banana in the car and then Ava stole 1/2 of it…. story of my life.

I got home and split another banana with her.


plus 3 of these Chocolate Shakeology Protein bites 


We also ate some Peanut butter puff puffs as she calls them.


My 2nd class was from 1030-1130 and I somehow breezed through the workout even though I felt tired going in.

I came home to eat a random leftover lunch of Tilapia, zucchini & 1/2 a sweet potato.


I was still hungry so I ate a piece of Avocado toast with it. I told you it was random.


At around 1:15 Ava went down for a nap and so did this mama. I think my body was wiped from getting up at 5am, teaching 2 classes and being pregnant on top of it.

I napped for 40 minutes and I woke up feeling groggy, hungry, and thirsty. That’s not a fun combo.

I ate a yogurt parfait with greek yogurt, strawberries & granola. I barely tasted it because I ate so fast but I know it was good.


Normally I would take Cooper for an afternoon walk before Ava and I had some fun and made dinner but I was too exhausted so I opted for some computer work and down time.

It was exactly what my body needed.

We did a lot of cooking and eating home the past week or so and when dinner rolled around I didn’t feel like cooking at all. We decided to get Salads & Sandwiches from Cosi.


I got a salad with mixed greens, roasted red peppers, pistachios, grapes & gorgonzola. It also came with some whole grain bread and I ate 1/2 of it. It was a little tough to chew so I didn’t finish it.


Marc and I caught the end of the Voice and snacked on some chocolate granola from Trader Joe’s. This stuff is so addicting and I’m never buying it again it’s that good. I couldn’t stop eating it.

I know you are like why would you not buy it again, but its one of those foods that I can’t hold myself back from eating the entire box!! SOOOO.. it’s gonna have to be an occasional purchase ;)

Your turn!!!

What’s something delicious you ate this week? 

Do you have any foods that once you start eating you can’t stop??

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Yay for viewing another pregnant WIAW! I love seeing this. That granola does look deadly. I may have to buy it – or not buy it (I’m like you – granola once I start, it’s hard to stop unless I have it portioned out in a bowl!).

    • I agree!! granola can be addicting and hard to put down, next time I need to portion it out but I couldn’t help myself :)

      Thanks for stopping by, I’m so happy to hear you are pregnant as well. I love reading other pregnancy blogs and I feel like we can all relate during these crazy 9 months!!!

  2. Ha, you’re lucky you got away with half of that banana! My son seriously eats about 2/3 of my food at least, these days. The other day I chopped and roasted 2 sweet potatoes for us, thinking that I would have leftovers for his lunch the next day and nope. No leftovers. And I barely even ate any..

    • It sounds like your son is a healthy eater that’s great!!! I find myself making double the amount of food now because Ava has a big appetite these days. I think I need to start packing double of my food too because they always seem to want whatever we are eating!!!!

  3. I was totally wiped after teaching two workout classes and I didn’t wake up at 5am and am not pregnant! I’m impressed!

    Also, I don’t keep TJ’s granola around my apartment. That stuff is so CLUSTERY AND DELICIOUS. It wouldn’t last long.

    • I hear ya, the 2 classes was tough but thank goodness I had the opportunity to nap and kick my feet up for a couple hours in the middle of the day. it’s not easy but I made it through :)

      You are right, that granola is clustery and the chocolatey taste is addicting. I can’t buy it again.. at least not while I’m pregnant haha

  4. Wow, you are amazing, doing 2 classes in one day. One of the foods that is hard for me to have self-control around is probably peanut butter of any kind. O_O

    • Thanks Emily!! I totally have a problem with peanut butter too, but being pregnant for some reason has changed my obsession for the time being ;)

  5. So I think we are safe to call you super woman. Up at 5, two classes, pregnant, and a daughter… I say you more than deserved that computer time and dinner out rather than cooking yourself.
    I probably should never buy that oatmeal. For me – its popcorn.

    • Thanks Cora!! i feel far from superwoman these days but I’ll take any compliment that I can get :) I somehow manage to get all the stuff I need done and then my body crashes on the couch and I feel like a giant waste of space!

      I’m obsessed with popcorn too, I’m actually kind of happy its not one of my big cravings during pregnancy! I used to eat it like 3 nights a week. The granola is pretty addicting, I would say buy it but if you like chocolate it may be hard to put down!!

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