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by Kelly

WIAW: I’m getting lazy


I am usually really into food and excited about what meal I will eat next but lately I’m lazy and haven’t been myself.

I think that has to do with being tired & pregnant and getting over yet another stomach bug.


I’m linking up with the What I ate Wednesday Crew over on Arman’s Blog today to share my food journal with you from Monday.

Mondays always seem like the day that my body wants to sleep in. Do you feel the same?? Ava slept kinda bad this weekend and was up early both days but go figure she sleeps in on the day I need to be up at 6am. I love how that works.

I started the day with a large glass of water and a cup of iced decaf coffee. Yes, it was leftover from the weekend, I’m pathetic.

 I did however enjoy my breakfast. 2 eggs, sautéed spinach in olive oil & sliced potatoes that were cooked in a pan.


I taught Group Power for the first time in over a week. I was so excited to get back to a routine but also nervous as to how my body would respond. I lifted lighter and felt great throughout the entire class.

At 8:45am my body was like give me food. I had a banana on the way to pick Ava up from Daycare.


Once we got home I wanted to try this Square Bar which was peanut butter flavor covered in chocolate.


It’s organic and has ingredients that you know and can pronounce so I approved.

Little miss Ava wanted some and I hate to say it but I was sad to give up 3 bites of this bar. It was yummy.

I also snacked on some mixed nuts.


I taught my second class which was great. I was sweating, the group was happy I was back and we got in  a great workout.

Lunch came around 12:15pm: a salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, honey mustard dressing & BBQ Grilled chicken. 


I know I’ve said it before but Marc makes the best grilled chicken. Too bad I’m going to eat it all on him :)

I also had some tortilla chips.

I was super thankful Ava took a nice long nap for me. My body was wiped, I did some computer work and ended up taking a 20 minute nap myself. I really didn’t want to but my body fought me!!!

I woke up feeling groggy, thirsty and hungry. Bad combo..

I chugged some water and ate an orange.


I had no cravings and wasn’t in the mood for anything but I knew I needed some more calories so I opened a jar of a peanut butter.


It’s always a win right?

After I got my energy back I headed to the grocery store with Ava to grab some food to make dinner and get her some more milk. It seems like I am always buying milk!!!

I whipped up a simple and fast dinner. Grilled Turkey Burgers, Baked Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli with olive oil. This was a pretty healthy meal considering nothing looked appealing to me!


I couldn’t wait to relax on the couch this evening. My body is definitely a little weak after that stomach bug so I made sure to rest when I could throughout the day.

At around 7:45pm I plopped myself down on the couch watched a little TV and snacked on a greek yogurt with berries & granola.


It was a great end to the day :)

Do you ever get lazy in the kitchen?

What’s your favorite salad combo?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. All that lazy food looks great to me! I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately, I guess that’s what happens during your third trimester? But seriously, your dinner looks great. Everything there especially he sweet potato looks like it hits the spot.

    • Thanks Melissa!

      sometimes simple meals like a turkey burger and sweet potato are the perfect meal! :)

  2. I definitely get lazy with my food when I’m not feeling 100%. That’s totally understandable! But your meals still look healthy and delicious!

    • Thanks Liz! I’m thankful for leftovers and food in the fridge. Most of the food lately is not appealing so I’m happy when I can put together some health meals for myself.

  3. All of your food looks really good. I love that about WIAW, because we can all share the variety that we eat; there’s no judgment, just appreciation for each different kind. That Square Bar is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!! Stay rested girl!

    • Thanks Emily! I agree. I love sharing my food journal and seeing others. I often get inspiration from other people’s WIAW post and it helps me to get creative on my end!

      I’m obsessed with the square bar, and it’s nice to know the ingredients are clean!! :)

  4. Seriously, the last few weeks of both of my pregnancies I was so lazy with my food. I think it’s a combo of exhaustion and no room in your stomach!

    • You are so right! I’ve been extra tired which makes me not want to cook and if I do it’s super simple meals. It’s also very frustrating to get full so quick too. I feel like my eyes are bigger then my belly

  5. Spoonfuls of peanut butter are always a win :)

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