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Baby #2: Pregnancy Update Weeks 29-31


I am currently 31 weeks + 2 days and I’m feeling very pregnant! I’m also counting down the days until I get to meet this little baby boy 61 days :) I wouldn’t mind an early arrival either but not more then 12 days… Ava was 12 days early and that was plenty early enough for this mama.

Since my last update, I feel like I’ve definitely had some uncomfortable pregnancy moments like round ligament pain, stomach bugs, and waking up to pee in the night. I know it all comes with being pregnant so I can’t complain because this week has been great.

I’m back to my workouts & I’m sleeping pretty well. This warm sunny weather is an instant mood booster too. I love being able to spend any free time I have outside with Ava & Cooper. It’s been a great week. Now, here’s an update for you in the pregnancy world for me.


The Baby is the size of an PINEAPPLE Weighing about 3 1/2 lbs. I definitely feel like my baby boy is packing on the pounds.

Weight gained

18.5 lbs


It’s a BOY!!!


I didn’t work out during week 30 due to the stomach bug. This week I’m off to a great start and back to my normal routine…

MONDAY Fit For Life class & Group Power class, 20 minute walk with Cooper

TUESDAY 20 Minute walk with Cooper & Boot Camp Class

WEDNESDAY 1 hour Group Power Strength training

THURSDAY Fit For Life plus taught boot camp and a 20 minute walk with Cooper



This picture was taken at 30 Weeks… wet hair, no make up, and tired!


I want to say my symptoms are minimal right now but during the stomach bug last week I had just about every symptom out there.. nausea, fatigue, cramps, diarrhea, loss of appetite, dehydration, lack of sleep.. you name it. Blame it on the stomach bug.

This week my symptoms are non existent. I wouldn’t count being tired as one because my job is tiring, and chasing a toddler is tiring. I have had some foot pain that started yesterday so I think I need to take it easy with some of the workouts. I try to rest when I can but lets be serious that isn’t really an option these days unless Ava naps or she’s in bed early.

I feel like my belly is getting heavy and in the way a little bit more. I can’t move as easily and my body is saying no to more exercises like jumping jacks, planks and even the slightest bit of running (like after Ava).

Food Aversions: 

I’m starting to get some food aversions. Luckily it usually only happens around the early evening time. There are more foods I don’t want to eat then I want to so it’s making cooking and dinner time rough. I’m not really liking the sound of mexican or chinese food.

After eating bland foods for a week maybe I’m just being cautious as to what I put in my mouth.


Picture taken at 31 weeks + 2 days.

Food Cravings: 

  • BBQ Chicken… give me all of it.
  • peanut butter on a spoon, bread, or the cookie dough larabar!
  • Eggs & potatoes
  • Watermelon, oranges, and strawberries
  • Brownies :) I may have had one when we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and on mother’s day!!!
  • Salads with honey mustard dressing
  • sandwiches and turkey burgers


Sleep has been great! I sleep like a rock when my head hits that pillow. I have had some really solid nights of sleep and a few nights where I have gotten up a few times to pee. Luckily it doesn’t effect me and I head right back into that deep sleep.

Maternity clothes: 

I’m at the point where I wish I had more clothing options. My belly is only fitting into certain tops these days so I am just rolling with it. I only have 9 weeks left so there’s NO point in buying anything new. I love yoga pants and maternity bottoms, although pants are getting too hot to wear these days. i can’t wait to wear shorts and dresses!!

Stretch marks: 

None yet!

Do I Miss anything: 

I miss exercising normally. I have lightened my weights with my classes and I notice that squating and lunging is getting more challenging.

I miss laying on my belly and finding a comfortable position when I’m in bed. I also miss getting up easier. I’ll take a hand whenever I can to get up off the floor or couch :)

I miss a glass of wine. I wish I could’ve had a celebratory glass of wine for our 5 year anniversary with Marc. Not that hanging out with him and eating dinner wasn’t special enough but it’s nice to have a toast that isn’t with water.


ALL day every day. Over the past few days I’ve notice baby boy moving during my classes as I’m teaching, he moves when I walk Cooper, and he moves when I’m sitting. Basically it’s ALL the time and while I love it, sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable.

Baby Items Purchased: 

We purchased a rug and this one won’t get stolen from Ava. My mom also bought him a set of pacifiers, a bunch of onesies and bibs. It gets me SUPER excited for his arrival.

Wedding rings ON or OFF: 



Picture taken at 31 weeks + 2 days. I’m not really liking all these selfies but to be honest I only think to take pictures when I need to post a pregnancy update!! 

Belly Button IN or OUT? 

OUT… I’m a little self conscious about my belly button these days. It’s popping through all my tops. I feel like everyone stares at it and I don’t need anyone looking at me!! I know it’s part of pregnancy and I try to remind myself, but it’s been a little awkward for me.

I’m Looking Forward To: 

I’m looking forward to spoiling Ava these next 9 weeks. I’m going to try to fill up our days with excitement, adventure and outdoor activities. I know once the baby is here she will have to be patient with me and be able to play outside or play inside more independently, so I want to take advantage of the time I have left with just her. It makes me sort of sad for her in a way, but I know she will be a great big sister!

9 weeks and we get to meet this little guy!!!

Random Things:

Ava is constantly talking to my belly. It’s super cute that she wants to say hi and put her hand on my belly but I don’t like when she lifts my shirt in public so we are working on that ;)

Last week after the stomach bug and my dehydration incident I’ve slowed down a bit. I was nervous when I had some contractions in the hospital and as much as I want to meet this baby boy I want to meet him once I’m full term. I’m doing my best to listen to my body’s cues and when I feel the need to chill I do!!

Our schedule is looking pretty full for the month of May. I love that we have lots of plans but I definitely need to set some time to get to my to-do list before baby boy arrives.

61 days sounds like NOTHING to me. I CAN’T WAIT.

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Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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