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Bradley’s 5 Month Update


Bradley turned 5 months this past Friday. All my attention was directed towards Ava’s birthday party with our immediate family that I had no time to write up a post. On top of it both kids have a cold. Tis the season right?

I won’t ramble any more because I want to talk about my little boy who is getting bigger and brighter by the day.



At 5 months there are no doctor check ups but we do own a scale at home and Bradley is weighing in right around 20lbs. How did that happen? I mean it’s not like he’s eating lasagna and steak yet.


Speaking of food. We just started introducing solids these past 2 weeks. Bradley tried oatmeal cereal first which he seemed open to. Then we tried green beans which were making him gag.


I’m so glad I caught this priceless photo of him saying no more mom.

Three days in a row he looked like he wanted to puke from green beans so I guess that veggie is a no no. Next we tried carrots. He seemed okay with them, but they didn’t agree with him. He spit up a couple times after. Coincidence or not we stopped feeding him them.


Lastly we tried Sweet potatoes and those seemed to be a hit. Just like him mama he woofed them down.

On a daily basis he will eat one serving of veggies at lunch and one serving of oatmeal at dinner. He still takes about 5 bottles on top of that.



Bradley is a belly sleeper and has been since he learned to roll onto his belly. He was sleeping so well and my sleep was getting good until the pacifier started taking over. Bradley loves the pacifier at night. You know who doesn’t like the pacifier…. ME!!! It’s such a pain. He spits it out several times at night but then wants it back.

He’s almost able to put it back in his mouth but most of the time it’s not successful. Probably because he’s sleepy and his room is really dark.

Sooo here I am at 2am, 330am, 5am and then some sticking that darn thing back in his mouth. We had a couple nights where he only needed it once and that was amazing but then he got a cold this past weekend and it’s been a little crazy during the night.

I told myself yesterday that I will never sleep again. It’s probably the truth and I’m trying to adjust to the no sleep thing but man I crave it. My body needs it and I don’t see it happening in the near future but I’ll pray anyways.



Play time is the best time and I’ll say that over and over. I love every second of playtime with Bradley. He’s so interested in everything you show him. It can be a book, a toy, a piano, a stuffed animal or even a package of wipes. His little hands and eyes get excited and he smiles.


He rolls and rolls for days. He really only rolls onto his belly and then when he’s done playing on his belly he kinda freaks out and we roll him back even though he knows how. It’s odd I know.

He can sit up pretty well but not entirely. If I let go he would definitely roll to his side but he’s almost there!

Bradley’s smile is CONTAGIOUS. His whole face lights up when he smiles and he literally brings so much joy to everyone in our family.


He instantly smiles when you smile at him, he smiles when he’s playing, when he’s looking at his sister, he even smiles when he spits up. He’s happy and I love it.


Bradley LOVES his sister so much. He needs to have eyes on her at all times. If he hears her voice his head swivels so fast and he catches her and smiles. It’s probably one of my favorite things besides his laugh.

He also loves Cooper. He smiles and reaches for him when he’s laying next to him on the floor.


His laugh is hilarious. While it does sound like a baby laugh it also sounds mature too. I don’t know what it is but I guarantee you will laugh too if you heard it. The easiest way for me to make him laugh is to tickle his armpits, his neck or peek a boo. Ava is the best at making Bradley laugh and It’s so cute to watch how hard she tries for those giggles.


Every day with Bradley is so much fun and we can’t wait to see what’s in store this month!!!

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. What a cutie- that smile is contagious!!!

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