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Bradley’s 9 Month Baby Update


9 months???????? What the????? That’s how long I was pregnant with this cute little guy. I cannot believe this month is here, time sure is flying by.

This past month was SO much fun. Bradley is crawling all over the place and exploring every corner of the house. He still plays with lots of toys but he wants to explore and find things like Cooper’s water dish, Cooper’s toy bin, ALL the cabinets, pull out the dvd’s, take the shoes from the shoe rack, play with the dishwasher when I’m unloading dishes… you know the fun stuff.


Bradley is so much fun to be around and his smile lights up the room. He keeps me smiling and laughing on a daily basis and I’m so thankful for him every day!

Big sister Ava loves entertaining him with her toys, her songs, her load screams, her running and jumping moves, peek-a-boo and whatever silly tricks she has up her sleeve. He adores her and if she leaves the room or goes upstairs he starts to whine (we know he is saying come back Ava, or bring me to her now!)


Bradley’s 9 Month Update

Weight 24.5 lbs (99 Percentile)

Length 31.5 inches long (off the charts for length)

Bradley is solid and big. He currently doesn’t like to be held unless he’s tired or teething which is fine with me because he is heavy and my arms get tired quick! Sometimes I think of him as a toddler but he is still really a baby.

He is currently in 18 month clothing and some 12 month stuff still fits. Believe it or not he wore a 24 month shirt the other day and it fit great. I need to get shopping for spring and summer outfits fast before we run out of clothes.



If you say food or show Bradley food, he starts kicking his legs and his eyes widen. There’s no hiding his love for food. He has become so self sufficient this past month as he grabs to hold the spoon and reaches for his finger foods. We are slowly introducing finger foods and he can’t get enough. I crack up watching him put cheese into his mouth. He basically shoves his whole hand into his mouth he can’t get the food in fast enough.

We do 3 meals a day with a mixture of finger foods and pureed food. He eats some finger foods like cheese, avocado, turkey, mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potato & banana pieces, etc. There’s still not a food Bradley won’t eat!.

I have to keep my eye on Ava when she’s eating now because she will leave stuff on the floor and Bradley scurries over to see what it is. She also lets him take licks of her ice pops and I’ve seen her stick food in his mouth. Luckily we haven’t run into any big problems with that but I’m still all eyes on her ;)



Sleep will always have its ups and downs as I’ve realized 3 1/2 years into this parenting thing. If it’s not Bradley who’s fussing in the middle of the night, Ava or Cooper will wake up to use the bathroom or Ava will be hungry at 4am just to tortute us.

Bradley has been doing pretty well on the sleep front though. His bed time is between 6:45 and 7pm give or take 15/20 minutes. He will sleep until 6:30-7am or unless his sister decides to wake him up which annoys me so much.


A couple weeks ago Marc was in Florida for work and I thought I could handle the 2 kids on my own but that only lasted a day. Bradley decided it was a perfect time to start cutting some more teeth so we had some nights I was up several times to help him get comfortable or give him his pacifier and Ava wasn’t sleeping great either. Lets just say I chugged a lot of coffee to get through. Thank god for my moms help too :)

Bradley is now down to 2 naps which is much better for our schedules. His first nap is around 9:30am and his second nap is between 1:30 and 2pm. Those naps are usually an hour and a half each for a total of 3-4 hours of nap time. I have found the days Bradley naps well, the whole day runs smoother, there’s less fussing and more play. All in all I have no complaints on the sleep front :)



I love playtime!! Bradley loves interaction with everyone but can still play quietly on his own which is awesome. He’s so easy going. Now that he’s crawling at a rapid pace I find myself moving him a lot. He gravitates towards wires, coopers food bowl and the dirty shoe rack. Clearly his toys are getting old.


I love seeing Bradley’s face as he explores anything new. He loves

  • any toys that light up or sing music
  • playing peekaboo
  • having songs sung to him
  • clapping his hands
  • chewing on toys
  • banging on drums
  • figuring out a new trick
  • crawling under tables and chairs
  • pulling himself up on everthing
  • playing in Ava’s room
  • Absolutely loves bath time
  • splashing water
  • eating in his high chair
  • walks in the stroller
  • saying dada, baba, yaya
  • playing with coopers paws

Bradley dislikes

  • diaper changes
  • being put on his back for diaper changes
  • getting his face wiped
  • getting pulled out of the bath tub when bath time is over (he doesn’t want to stop playing in the tub!!!)
  • being tired
  • when you take a toy from him
  • when you put the pacifier in his mouth, he has to do it on his own 90% of the time

Play time is the best time of day and I really enjoy sitting back and watching Ava interact with Bradley. I encourage her to talk to him, show him new things and also to help me do things with him like changing diapers or wipe up his spit up. It helps boost her confidence and keeps her involved since he still requires more attention right now.

I sometimes catch myself being super cautious because Ava does throw toys, does pull him by his pants, lay on top of him, and take stuff out of his hands. There was one really bad week where she was not being nice to him at all, pushing him, pulling him throwing toys at him. I tried really hard to explain to her to be gentle, tell her we don’t hit but nothing was sinking in. I realize it’s a learning curve for her and she’s still learning how to handle her tiny brother but sometimes I want to close my eyes when I see her jumping in mid air over him on the floor. Yikes. I swear.. kids will make you want to pull your hair out, but then you will catch them giggling in the other room and walk in to see them holding hands and all those bad moments disappear.


I’m still a work in progress with parenting two kids but I’m accepting I’m not a perfect parent and I’m learning something new each day. When I look back to 6 months ago we have grown leaps and bounds and I can’t wait to see what fun stuff we can all do together this next month!!

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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