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Should you exercise while pregnant?

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I have been receiving a lot of comments this past week, from members/clients at the gym asking if I am still allowed to exercise, and should I still be doing what I am doing while pregnant?

So should you exercise while pregnant? The answer varies! Every pregnancy is different, and the fact that I was working out and exercising regularly prior to getting pregnant it was okay to continue during my pregnancy. Here are some changes I have made to my prenatal exercise regimen:

  • I choose lighter weights or normal weights that I can do without straining and perform higher repetition (I am not trying to gain strength I am maintaining my fitness)
  • I do not perform any exercises flat on my back, it is harder for me to breath and the baby won’t get enough oxygen
  • As an instructor the talk test works for me, if I can’t talk through my exercise I need to slow down
  • I drink throughout my entire workout to stay well hydrated
  • The most important thing I do is listen to my body, if something doesn’t feel right I immediately stop

I have avoided numerous pregnancy symptoms through exercising… I have no swelling, I don’t waddle or walk uncomfortably, my digestive system hasn’t slowed down, I have no real cravings, I sleep comfortably, I have no back pain, and I’ve had steady weight growth.

My doctors have been very supportive of my job and fitness. They encouraged me to stay active as long as I had no discomfort or abdominal pain. There were a few days in my 3rd trimester I was asked not to exercise due to some contractions but besides that  exercise has helped me get through the last 7 1/2 months of my pregnancy. I feel super blessed that I have stayed active and it has helped me stay strong and comfortable!!

Every pregnancy is different, and you should always consult with your doctor about exercising while pregnant. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN :) I will be dressing up as an 80’s workout instructor for my boot camp class tonight!!  

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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