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by Kelly

37 weeks & FULL TERM


It feels great to say that I am officially FULL TERM with this pregnancy. This means Baby G can come whenever she is ready :)  She seems to be pretty comfy though and I don’t feel like she’s ready to come just yet. 21 days and counting!!

Pregnancy Fitness Update: This past week my workouts were great, I did notice that I was a little shorter of breath and made sure to take rest and drink water as needed. I am still doing lighter weights with all my workouts but it feels good to exercise and move daily!

Here is what Baby G has been up to this past week!!


THE BABY IS about 19-20 inches long, the size of a small watermelon, Weighing anywhere between  5.5-6.5 lbs

WEIGHT GAINED: my weight has been fluctuating but no actual gain this morning.. still up 21.6 lbs 

GENDERIt’s a girl!!!

37 weeks


TUESDAY Taught boot camp

WEDNESDAY  1 hour group power class (strength training)

THURSDAY taught boot camp and taught senior fitness


SATURDAY 35 minute cardio fast-paced walk, it was cold out! 

SUNDAY 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

MONDAY  Group Power (1 hour strength training) and taught senior fitness

FOOD AVERSIONS: Last week I had no aversions, this week it was a struggle to add veggies into my diet. I went with the ones that worked. Mushrooms, green beans, and some kale in my pasta. Besides the veggies I didn’t have anything else that made me sick to my stomach!

FOOD CRAVINGS: This week I loved fruit, especially clementines & pineapple. speaking of I need to buy more. I also found myself craving protein, any kind.. chicken, turkey, greek yogurt, milk. I think the baby is growing!? I did have a craving for chocolate this weekend and indulged in a homemade low-fat brownie with some healthy vanilla ice cream. Delicious treat.

SLEEP: I sleep great but I wake up 2 times per night to pee now. It doesn’t phase me though, I go right back to sleep!!

MATERNITY CLOTHES:  I bought a purple top to wear on Thanksgiving, it is a little longer so I plan to wear it with some skinny jeans and knee high boots.



DO I MISS ANYTHING I really miss sleeping on my stomach this week and getting out of bed without thinking! It is taking more effort in the middle of the night. My abs don’t work like they used to :(

MOVEMENT: Baby G’s movements have changed. She is still active but its more kicking and stretching. I feel her feet a lot in the same spot on my side near my right rib cage. She also still gets hiccups daily which is always fun!

BABY ITEMS PURCHASED:  This past weekend we headed to buybuybaby to buy some remaining items that we need before the baby comes. Here are some of the items we purchased: hamper, pacifiers, more bottles, bottle cleaner, receiving blankets, some stroller accessories, a car seat sleeping bag (I made up that name), the list goes on and on! I can’t believe how much stuff such a tiny person needs.



SYMPTOMS: Some braxton hicks contractions but no other noticeable symptoms besides being tired at the end of the day!

LABOR SIGNS: Contractions.. i had a bunch on Sunday but still practice ones! My doctor appointment this morning was great, the baby is healthy and the doctor said my cervix is thinning.

Here is a comparison shot from 37 weeks and 30 1/2 weeks

37 weeks IMG_1410

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Thanksgiving and a long weekend with family! Also looking forward to setting up some christmas decorations once the thanksgiving festivities are over.. I gotta get ahead on the xmas decor before the baby comes! 

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. My little guy gets the hiccups daily too. I’ve come to expect them! At my last appointment on Tuesday the doctor said that his head is ridiculously low and where I’m feeling those hiccups confirms that haha.

    Great job on the weight gain front too. More the reason to eat up like a champ today!!

    • That’s great that his head is low! I feel my hiccups low too and it is definitely nice to know they are in position. :)

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