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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review


Happy Friday!! I think I say this every Friday, but aren’t we all happy on Friday?

This morning we were up and ready to go early. I got to try out my new Polar heart rate monitor watch that Marc got me for my birthday. It was VERY simple to set up and I loved seeing my “numbers” throughout my workout.  It tracked my calories, the duration of my workout, and at the end gave me my average & max heart rate.


I chose to practice the new APRIL GROUP POWER Release workout this morning. We are launching the new workout in a week and I needed to go over the workout. It is great that I can do it at home! I used LIGHT WEIGHTS and I wasn’t surprised that my heart rate never got above 123. My normal resting heart rate is about 48-50bpm which is low because of my cardiovascular fitness level. It takes sprinting and intense cardio to get my heart rate up and pumping at a high number.


I am looking forward to trying a cardio workout with my watch to see how high my heart rate goes. By tracking my heart rate and calories burned I can see which workouts are more effective and help me achieve my goals. This watch would be great for someone that is pregnant who wants to maintain the correct amount of calories when they exercise or for someone who wants to lose weight, to make sure they don’t “eat all the calories they burn!”

Do you have a heart rate monitor watch? If so which workouts do you burn the most calories?!


Cooper got a haircut and bath yesterday… doesn’t he look handsome!

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Have a great day!

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