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by Kelly

It is hard to handle a sick baby!


If someone had told me Ava was going to be sick 300 out of 365 days of her first year I would have been a little more prepared. That is an exaggeration of the number but she has been sick on and off since she was born and it seems like we can’t get a long enough break.

I read tons of blogs and they have children that seem happy and healthy 100% of the time and that is not the case over here. Although I love sharing pictures and comments of all my fun days together with Ava, the truth is that the days she is sick are the worst and I wanted you to know that.

I feel helpless, I get frustrated, I want to cry and I don’t understand why.

When I say I don’t understand why, it means I don’t understand how come Ava seems like the only child that is ALWAYS sick. Or is it just that when Ava is sick it stresses me out?

I just want her to be healthy forever and not get sick. 

Sometimes when Ava is fussy (because she is sick) I try to ignore it and play with her, I try to distract her from feeling so miserable and unwell.


Even if I have to push her in this car for 30 minutes.. whatever works to get that little smile out of her!


Well sometimes it works and then other times I have to move from toy to toy and then it’s Mickey Mouse on TV. If that doesn’t work I try reading a book, usually I have no success with that by this point.

Then I panic, I text Marc or call him…. “I don’t know what to do!!!! I feel so bad for her.” He gives me suggestions and usually I get a second wind. I think to myself “I can handle it. She’s fussing because she’s trying to tell me something.” She’s hungry, she’s thirsty, she went to the bathroom, she’s tired.. it has to be one of those. Once I narrow it down I’m like WHY was I getting so worked up. She can’t talk, and she’s making noises to tell me what she wants.

Then I get mad at myself for getting all worked up. SOOOO

I bring myself to the computer to sit down and write a blog post. I decided to share this struggle with you. Handling a sick baby is one of my weaknesses. Again I’m not perfect, I’m a new mom and I’m trying to figure it all out.

As I finish up this post I feel 100x better, that is not a joke. Blogging is a way for me to relieve stress. Sharing this stressful experience with a sick child has honestly been stress-relieving and I am happy to share with you both my good and bad experiences.

This isn’t just a fitness blog it’s a health blog too!

Here are some ways to deal with stressful situations:

  1. Go for a walk or get some fresh air
  2. Exercise
  3. Read a book
  4. Practice Yoga or meditate
  5. Get a massage or doing something fun for yourself.

If I don’t manage stressful situations and I let them build up with out dealing with them right away, I end up getting run down and sick. Of course I ended up catching Ava’s cold and yup I felt run down and tired. Lucky for me I can take medicine.. unfortunately she can’t!  Does anyone else tend to get sick around the holidays?

I am feeling so much better now, but I plan on getting lots of rest tonight so that I can enjoy Christmas!!


Here is a sneak peak at Ava’s Christmas outfit... she is giving Rudolph a big KISS on his RED nose.

Moms out there, have you ever had a similar situation?

How do you handle stressful situations? How does your body handle stress?


Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Oh no poor baby! I used to hate when my son was sick. As he’s gotten older and less cuddly, that’s about the only time he’ll snuggle up with me. So now I take advantage of it and hold him as much as I can :-)

  2. Sick babies are SOOOO hard! My 8 month old was battling a cold and ear infection not too long ago and it was hell. Pure hell.

    • sick babies are not easy to take care of. I hope your little one is staying healthy!! Hopefully we get through the winter without any more bad colds!

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