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by Kelly

The Shovel Workout


Yesterday I taught 2 classes before the YMCA closed early because of the anticipation of Blizzard Juno. I suggested to my classes that they should do a quick warm up before they jumped outside and started Shoveling!  There’s no doubt shoveling is a workout, it can actually be a challenging workout depending on how much snow you have to clear and how heavy it is.

Lets back up a bit before I talk more about shoveling. Last night I was pumped from all the hype of JUNO that Marc and I decided to do takeout even though I had already made a big pot of chili. Oops!

I ordered some Chicken Marsala


with Veggies & Potatoes. 


After dinner we pretty much lounged around the house watching the news and trying to figure out when we would get hit with all the snow.

Ava enjoyed relaxing with Cooper before she headed to bed.


 When Marc and I headed to bed a few hours after Ava was asleep, the snow still had not arrived. It was quite sad because I was looking forward to watching the snow come down.

Anyways… we woke up this morning to about 8-10 inches of snow. Some areas had more then others due to the wind. After breakfast I couldn’t wait to get outside, so I bundled up and headed out.

Now back to the “SHOVELING WORKOUT.” Just like any workout it is so important to warm up so you don’t pull a muscle or get injured. Before going out to shovel this morning I did a little warm up inside. Yeah it felt a little silly but seriously I didn’t want to hurt my back or legs from just grabbing a shovel and lifting heavy snow. My body wasn’t exactly awake :)

IMG_2402 IMG_2406

I don’t have a legit shovel workout to share with you besides warm up inside for 5 minutes. I did some jogging in place and some jumping jacks. Jumping jacks in a a few layers is quite tough and looks pretty funny. I’m pretty sure Marc called me crazy and both Ava & Cooper were looking at me confused.


I headed out once my body felt warm.

Lets just say I am thankful that we didn’t get the 2 feet of snow that was expected. Luckily the weathermen were off with their predictions for our area and we just missed the BIG snowfall. 10 inches is still a lot but it’s definitely nothing we haven’t seen before.


I shoveled for about 25 minutes and decided to come in because my fingers were ice cold.  I didn’t have warm enough gloves on because I could unfortunately only find 1 of my heavy duty gloves. It did feel pretty good to shovel though and I had a nice little sweat going.

Now it’s Marc’s turn to finish up the rest of the shoveling.

I hope all of you who were hit with Juno are safe and staying warm!! I am enjoying my day off at home with my family and I am sure there will be plenty of trips outside to play in the snow with Cooper!

Do you ever think to warm up before shoveling snow? 

Were you effected my storm Juno?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I actually really enjoy shoveling. It’s probably due to the fact that I had to do it every winter growing up. Okay I lie, shoveling feet of snow is no fun! Hahah

    • Luckily this snow was powdery and soft!! So it wasn’t too heavy, I’m glad I was able to get outside and enjoy it for a little bit!

  2. I bet shoveling snow is a killer workout!

    • It definitely is a great workout, I’m curious to see if my back and legs are sore today! I haven’t really moved yet though haha ;)

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