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Eating Healthy At A Restaurant


SO are you sick of all my healthy clean eating talk this week? I hope not because I have another “Healthy” post for you.

Yesterday afternoon I had a special lunch date with Ava & my mom. It is very rare that I eat out at a restaurant mid-week let alone at lunch time. Since it is school break this week I have a little more free time on my hand and I’m not complaining.

We headed to my mom’s best friends restaurant in Stamford, CT called Villa Italia. This is hands down my favorite restaurant. Who doesn’t love good italian food?? When you know the chef its even better ;)

When we pulled up to the restaurant I was already starving… that’s mistake #1 right there. Never go to a restaurant hungry. That bread basket came out right away and you know what?? My mom and I said no thanks but we kept one piece for Ava. (The girl is smart… she loves warm bread from Villa Italia and we were pretty jealous)


My mom asked if I wanted to split a small salad to start since we were both hungry, I said absolutely! Splitting a salad is always a good option because it’s portioned right. These days an appetizer salad is practically a full meal, but the split serving was the perfect amount to hold us over.


Before even looking at the menu I knew I wanted either a salad or fish. It was Ash Wednesday so I was trying to not eat meat. I love eating fish out at restaurants because they cook it so much better then me! My mom and I ordered Filet of Basa Francese and we held the “egg batter friedness.” Don’t hesitate to ask your server for other options to make a meal healthier. The fish came served over spinach and the sauce tied everything together.


The sauce was lemon, white wine, & garlic… and if I could have drank it or packaged it up in a bottle I would’ve, but clearly that’s not acceptable.

Anyways.. back to the point of this blog. There are healthy options wherever you go! Here are my main tips for eating healthy while out to eat:

  1. HOLD the bread basket.
  2. Drink water or ask for a pitcher for the table.
  3. If you order a salad ask for the dressing on the side.
  4. Ask for your fish or chicken grilled, broiled or poached. Ask for veggies steamed or roasted and without butter (It can be done)
  5. Choose meals that don’t have buttery or creamy sauces, and skip the fried foods.
  6. If your meal looks really big, it probably is! Eat half and wrap the second half for leftovers!

The nice part of eating fish for lunch was I didn’t feel stuffed and I was able to workout shortly after with out any stomach issues!


This quote is for my Clean Eating Challenge Group.. for keeping me motivated and giving me positive energy this week!

Do you hesitate to eat healthy out at a restaurant because you feel bad asking for substitutions?

Whats your favorite meal to order out?


Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Great tips! It can be really challenging to eat well at restaurants. Thats why I avoided eating out during the Whole30- alot of times you don’t even know what they use to cook your food or what could be in it. And its so hard to turn down the bread basket- that must have taken alot of willpower!

    • Thanks Lisa! Those are definitely the tips that work for me when eating out. I can imagine it’s even harder doing the Whole30 because you are limited! No bread was definitely tough :)

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