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WIAW: Staying Focused


It seems like I am posting tons of stuff about food lately but I guess it’s my topic of the month. I’m staying focused and I am motivated to eat healthy.  It has been so cold here lately that I feel like I need to eat healthy because when I am not teaching and training I am inside and less active. Poor Cooper isn’t getting as many walks and I hate to drag Ava out to walk him when I don’t even want to be outside myself!! Does anyone else have dogs that aren’t getting as much exercise this winter?

Here I am making excuses about not walking Cooper as much but I hate to see Ava get sick or even myself!


This winter must end soon!!!

Now it’s time to share my food journal from yesterday. Thanks Jenn for hosting another WIAW!


Breakfast was 1 egg 1 cup egg whites with spinach & mushrooms and whole wheat toast. 


Mid morning I had a hard boiled egg with avocado and tomato plus a banana.


My lunch didn’t go according to my game plan. My dad watches Ava Tuesday mornings for me and he offered to pick me up a salad from Cosi, of course my answer was yes! I had a mixed greens salad with roasted red peppers, cucumbers, pistachios, grapes, gorgonzola w/ a Sherry Vinigarette. It was quite delicious and actually very filling.


I didn’t have any big protein with my lunch so I ate my leftover piece of tilapia with baby carrots & an apple. (random snack but actually good)


(I also had 2 pickle slices, but I did not take a picture!)

Yesterday I did a lot of computer work for my Boot Camp class and for my fitness coaching. It took up my whole afternoon. Luckily I had a quick and easy dinner planned before Boot Camp.

Chicken Sausage with peppers and oven baked sweet potato fries. This meal took me literally 15 minutes to make. Ava LOVES this sausage. Actually she likes any sausage.  is that weird for a 1 yr old? This chicken sausage was from Trader Joe’s and I wish I bought more it’s pretty tasty.


Post Boot Camp I had my Shakeology protein shake. I also ate some Sweet Cinnamon Plantains. If you haven’t tried pan roasted plantains I highly recommend it!


Also, I am trying to figure out what Marc said to me to make me laugh in this picture. I am nice and sweaty post Boot Camp, and I can’t say I like this pic but I thought you might like to see my goofy smile… is there a Tan filter yet because I need some sun!!

What was your favorite meal from yesterday?

Do you feel like you are less active when its cold out?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I am so ready for Spring, this -temp weather has to end sometime. I miss complaining about the high humidity ;)
    At my old job, there was a Cosi across the street, I miss that place, the salads were amazing.

    • Cosi is delicious! It was a nice treat :) I am so ready for the spring too, I guess I’m just ready to not wear a winter jacket 24/7!

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