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feels like 100 degrees and 26 Weeks Pregnant


Today is an incredibly hot day… not only are the temperatures rising quickly but it is extremely humid out. Keeping cool and hydrated is SO important.  The best time to drink fluids is before you become thirsty! Try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that contain higher water content.  If you decide to exercise outdoors make sure to start drinking water 30 minutes before your workout and then bring a water bottle with you to keep replenishing any fluids lost!

On another note.. I am 26 weeks pregnant. Time is flying and for the most part I am feeling great. My energy has been good and lets keep our fingers crossed it stays that way for a lot longer. My workouts have been pretty solid, and although I miss my intense boot camp circuits I am doing what my body can handle.

Below is my 26 week update… please excuse the pictures. It isn’t easy to take self pregnancy portraits and give you a good angle of my belly. I swear these pictures are making my belly look a lot smaller!

26 Weeks

THE BABY IS the size of a head of lettuce, Weighing about 2 lbs

WEIGHT GAINED:  my weight has been fluctuating but for the most part overall it stayed the same the last 4 weeks, up 15.5 lbs

GENDER: It’s a girl!!!

26 weeks!

26 weeks!


I took a few days off this week since we traveled to Rhode Island, and I also had some Round Ligament pain so I wanted to avoid lifting this past weekend.

THURSDAY 1-hour Group Power strength training practice workout

FRIDAY 30-minute walk with cooper (OFF DAY)


SUNDAY 30-minute walk 

MONDAY 1-hour Group Power strength training practice workout

TUESDAY 30 minutes cardio

WEDNESDAY 20 minutes light cardio, 1/2 hr practice session for Group Power

belly shot..

belly shot..


SYMPTOMS: I have been feeling great up until this past Sunday, I had round ligament pain in my lower abdomen. This made me lay on the couch for a while sunday morning but after it went away I felt much better until I was hit with a massive 2 day migraine. It was not fun! I tried everything to cure it! Drinking lots of water, salt, tylenol and rest. To wake up with a migraine in the morning it the worst not to mention I have never had one before. Luckily I have a doctor appointment today to figure out if there’s anything else I should do!  I found that a little neck and head massage REALLY helped. Make note of that.. it definitely relieves tension and took a lot of pressure off my throbbing head.

FOOD AVERSIONS: None this past week!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Besides really enjoying some flavors like pumpkin, I haven’t had any specific cravings. I love fruit because it’s hydrating and sweet and I am really liking tasty sandwiches at lunch time.

SLEEP: Sleep has been okay, I am definitely not waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but I do wake up tired.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: BUMMER no new clothes this week. With my baby shower in a few weeks I am going to start to look for a cute dress to wear!


DO I MISS ANYTHING: Over the past week I have noticed my ab work is getting much more difficult so I can imagine next month it will feel ever harder. I know how important it is to keep your abs strong during pregnancy so it’s definitely motivating me to keep up with my planks/pushups.

MOVEMENT:  my little kickboxer has a couple new moves up her sleeve. She seems to be pedaling on my stomach once a day. It doesn’t last long but it is definitely startling and feels weird! I did feel like there was a foot or arm n my rib cage the other day too.

BABY ITEMS PURCHASED: We received some bath toys and a bath tub for the baby this week. It got me so excited!


BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT: my belly button is still IN but it definitely looks different.. when will it pop? or will it stay in there?

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: My doctor appointment today! I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat. This weekend I am recording my Group Power video so I will be prepping all week for that. My goal is to put together the baby dresser with Marc too. Although he will probably end up doing most of the work!



Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. You look great! I am so impressed with how much you keep up with your work outs! I did group power classes about 4 years ago and they were great. I don’t think I would get too far doing them now though.

    • Hey Rachel!
      Thanks, I am feeling pretty good. The workouts are definitely getting more challenging but they give me good energy.
      How are you feeling?!!

  2. Hey Kelly! You look awesome and I’m glad all is well! I’m filming this weekend too! Just wanted to say good luck! Power Up!

    • Hey Liz!

      Good luck on your video, let me know how it comes out :) I am so excited to start teaching. When do you guys launch?


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