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Weekend Fun & A Bridal Shower


I’m loving the warm weather these days, and although its Monday already I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.

Friday night was pretty low key. I cooked my Chicken Marsala Recipe for dinner and then Marc had a softball game.


I stayed home because Ava was exhausted from being in the sun all day so she went to bed early. That meant I was asleep at 945pm, what a loser!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling refreshed and energized. We took a walk with Cooper to Dunkin Donuts to get some iced coffees and then I taught an Outdoor Boot Camp class at 9am. It was awesome and super sweaty, but I think we all got in a great workout. There’s something about exercising outdoors that’s so enjoyable, even though Burpees & Pushups are grueling.

After class my body was pretty spent so I refueled with a Chocolate Shakeology with Coconut Milk, it was delicious!!!


Ava was pretty tired because Marc took her to the park while I had class. When we got home she had a snack and zonked out for a while. In the afternoon we headed to my parents to play in the pool, except Ava decided to play mostly in the sandbox.

When we got home, Marc put some Blackened Salmon on the grill and we decided to eat home and enjoy the night outside on the porch!

IMG_5302 IMG_5303

Sunday was a day to shower my best friend Lauren who’s getting married in October!


I always love Bridal showers and spending time with my best friends. This one was extra special because Lauren and I have known each other since we were born so it was an honor to be a part of her big day.

IMG_5357 IMG_5373

We played a few cute Bridal Games and enjoyed yummy food.

IMG_5347 IMG_5342

Lauren’s mom and sister put their hearts into the shower and every detail came together perfectly.


The Watermelon & Mint Spa Water was one of my favorites!

It was such a beautiful day and the Bride got to celebrate with her family & closest friends.


The picture below is of the bridal party!


Once I got home we just relaxed and I got ready for another work week. It was an awesome weekend!

What’s something fun you did this weekend?

Do you have a lot of weddings planned this year?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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