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30 Weeks Pregnant & the launch of Group Power


Yesterday we ran our first Group Power class for the staff. It went really well and everyone loved the workout! You know you did a  hard workout when you walk down the stairs and your legs feel like Jell-O!

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These are some of the modifications I had to make during Group Power workout:

1. Keeping my hips higher on pushups so my abdominal muscles weren’t fully engaged

2. I kept my step box at an incline for chest press & abs so that I was never lying completely flat

3. I limited my range of motion in squats & lunges so that I wasn’t too deep.  I noticed that the ab exercises were extremely harder this time around and again I shortened my range of motion!

I have 10 weeks left to go with this pregnancy… woo!

I guess for me 30 weeks seems like we are nearing the end of the pregnancy & 70 days seems like nothing!!! Baby G will be here in no time and I honestly can’t wait for her arrival already.

Here’s what has been going on this past week……..


THE BABY IS close to 17 1/2 inches long the size of a large head of lettuc , Weighing about 3.2lbs

WEIGHT GAINED:  no weight gain this week… still hanging at 17lbs the doctor said I will most likely gain another 8lbs before my due date!

GENDER: It’s a girl!!!

30 Weeks!

30 Weeks.. The belly is really popping!


My workouts this week were slacking due to Mr. Cooper’s emergency Thursday & Friday. His health was more important then my workouts and I have a very BUSY work week and workout schedule this week so I took advantage of the rest days.

TUESDAY taught boot camp

WEDNESDAY  1 hour group power practice, taught boot camp



SATURDAY 25 minutes cardio (elliptical/bike combo)


MONDAY  Strength day 1 hour group power workout class for the YMCA staff, and taught senior fitness

FOOD AVERSIONS: I am still not liking the sound of mexican food.. salsa, cilantro, anything along those lines. As for vegetables… I ate much more of them this week, I definitely ate them whenever possible and didn’t seem to have an issue. Maybe I am turning a corner!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Carb are really appealing lately. Potatoes, multi-grain toast, dry cereal, etc. I definitely can’t live without my eggs in the morning and have been really liking yogurt with fruit and granola as a snack! Bring on the fruit, I love fruit.

SLEEP: I pass out at night especially after a long day at work, my body is ready for sleep. The past two nights I slept about 6-7 hours and I wake up earlier to check on Cooper. I get up once or twice in the middle of the night to pee so that’s not too bad either.


MATERNITY CLOTHES: I am officially stretching out all my regular workout clothes, but I do have a few maternity workout tops that will grow with me until the end. I need to buy some new workout pants/capris. The one’s i have been wearing are just way too tight and irritate me around my belly button.

STRETCH MARKS: None, yet.. lets keep it that way!

DO I MISS ANYTHING:  I miss walking Cooper, I always looked forward to getting outside and walking him for 20 minutes every day and he is in recovery mode so we won’t be able to get a good walk in for another week. This weather has been great too, what a tease. I also miss being more active in my classes, its extremely difficult to not demonstrate jump squats, x-jumps, etc. The walking boot has really limited me but I am focusing on getting my foot better, my exercise can be done differently the next 2 weeks.

MOVEMENT: Baby G is getting stronger, and I feel her movements all day long. I even feel her when I am teaching classes and working out myself. Apparently she’s trying to get her workout on too.

BABY ITEMS PURCHASED: We got a ton of baby presents at our shower this weekend. I am so thankful for all my Rhode Island friends and family that came to celebrate. Some big items were our stroller & car seat which I LOVE, our pack n play, playmat, and tons of cute little baby girl clothes that I couldn’t wait to hang in her closet.


BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT:  looking more flat these days… but not popping yet!

SYMPTOMS: I feel pretty great..  I have noticed that after being on my feet for 2-3 hours straight I am finding I need a few minutes to sit down and relax my feet for a bit. I’m not as tough as I was in the beginning!  I’m always drinking water, which makes me have to pee all day long.

LABOR SIGNS: I had some Braxton Hicks contractions on Sunday night.. I wasn’t sure what was going on!!! They were coming and going for about 1/2 hour or so. It helped to get up and walk around.

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Launching our Group Power class Wednesday!! After having the staff class it got me really excited for the members to try it out.  I can’t wait to hear member feedback. It will be fun. I am also looking forward to a relaxing Columbus day weekend since we don’t have plans :)

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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