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WIAW: Pregnancy Cravings are real


I hope you all are having a great week. I can’t say I’m feeling 100%, I’ve had a bit of a sore throat… top that with nausea and fatigue (pregnancy problems) and I guess I can’t say I’m feeling all of myself these past few days.

I’m staying positive, working through it but I sure do hope all of this ends ASAP. On a good note I know my body needs healthy foods so I’m trying my best to fuel with healthy meals and of course I’m listening more towards my healthy cravings!

I’m linking up with the WIAW crew over on Laura’s Blog today to share my food journal with you from Monday.


Monday morning I popped right out of bed. i was nervous and anxious because I had to teach the new Group Power routine and to be honest I didn’t get to practice as much as I would’ve liked, but I knew I would be fine.

I started off with a glass of water and a cup of 1/2 calf pumpkin coffee. I needed an extra boost to get going!! I’ve been avoiding coffee so I got the kick I needed ;)


Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with spinach & potatoes.

Group power was a success… and my body was ready to refuel right after. I decided to have a Chocolate Peanut Oatmega Bar. I haven’t had one in a while and I knew I needed a good dose of protein. I also had a banana and some mixed nuts. 

 IMG_7725 IMG_6568

At one point during my Group Power class i started to lose my voice, but my sore throat didn’t get worse so that was awesome.

At 10:30am I taught my active older adults fitness class we had a fairly large group and I mixed it up a lot today so I’m sure everyone will feel it tomorrow.

I’m so thankful that Marc food prepped for me on Sunday. He wins the award for best husband. I was so happy when I opened the fridge to find leftover Lean Beef & Veggie chili and I topped it with avocado. This recipe is actually paleo if that’s something you follow.


Chili is always extra tasty on a really cold day, it warmed me right up! This recipe was actually one that I came up with a year or so ago and I’m so glad we brought it back out. It’s so tasty.

I also had one of these Sweet Potato & Spinach cakes. I shared the recipe yesterday so check it out!

Ava didn’t finish her baby carrots and string cheese at lunch so I ended up snacking on half of those. I hate throwing food out.

Ava napped for me and I was SUPER thankful because I got to do work and most importantly sit down and rest for a bit.

In the afternoon I was craving strawberries but I knew I needed to balance it with something else. I opted for a Siggi’s Vanilla yogurt. This is my FAVORITE yogurt. One because the ingredients are clean and simple and two they taste great!


I also snacked on some sunflower seeds!


I’m finally starting to cook again. I missed it for sure but I wouldn’t even really call this meal cooking. I made some chicken cutlets, a baked sweet potato, peas and a tossed salad. This is like the easiest meal to throw together in 20 minutes.

IMG_9058 IMG_9055

The chicken was amazing, everything else I could’ve done without hha.

Around 730pm I was getting Ava ready for bed and decided I wanted a little snack. I sliced up some granny smith apples and of course some little toddler hands made their way into this bowl. I didn’t mind sharing!!


I also snacked on a KIND Maple Pumpkin Seed bar. These things are so good. They are chewy, crunchy and I’m obsessed with the hint of salt!

That wraps up my day of food.

What’s something yummy you ate? 

Are you fan of KIND bars?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Your breakfast looks amazing! I wish I had the kind of time / energy in the morning to make a hot breakfast every day and not just on my weekends!

    • It’s actually really simple to make and I kinda feel like I’m cheating. I either saute a bunch of spinach all at once that will last a couple of days or I do it in the morning because it cooks up quickly. I microwave the potatoes while I cook my eggs (for 5 minutes) and if I have time I pan fry them quickly to make them crisp. It really only takes a total of 10 minutes to make :)

  2. That’s so awesome Marc food prepped for you! It looks fantastic too. Check out those spinach cakes now…

    • I was so happy he did food prep or else I would’ve had nothing to eat this week!! You should definitely make some spinach cakes, they don’t disappoint!

  3. Pregnancy cravings are NO JOKE. Also love Siggi’s!

  4. I hope you get back to feeling 100% soon! That siggis + berries looks so yummy! I love that yogurt!

    • I’m feeling great today :) I am really loving the Siggi’s yogurt. It’s nice knowing that the ingredients are clean too!

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