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Baby #2 Pregnancy Update 21 Weeks


I’m so excited to update you all today with my pregnancy at 21 Weeks. I’m so happy to be at this stage right now and feeling good. I’m moving around great, my energy is up and I’m trying to enjoy this second trimester as much as possible.

My one complaint… time is flying and I feel like my To-Do List for Baby #2 and house projects is too long!!! With about 4 months left I need to get stuff done with the baby’s room and also with my own projects!


The Baby is the length of a BANANA, Weighing about 3/4 of a pound

Weight gained

about 14 lbs.. I noticed a big jump these last 2 weeks and my belly is officially getting round. I guess there was a huge growth spurt!


It’s a BOY!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a baby boy joining our family in July.


(This Picture was taken at 20 weeks after teaching Group Power)


I am definitely staying on track with my workouts, they have been on point and feeling good for the most part. I have made modifications here and there, I will update you on that in a separate post.

here’s how this past week of workouts looked:

WEDNESDAY 1 hour Group Power Strength training class plus 20 minute walk with Cooper

THURSDAY Boot camp class and Fit For Life Class

FRIDAY One of my rest days, 20-30 minute walk with Cooper

SATURDAY 25 minute Cardio Elliptical workout at the gym and 20 minute family walk

SUNDAY Another rest day and 20 minute walk with Cooper.

MONDAY 1 hour Group Power Strength training class, 1 hour Fit For Life Class, 35 minute walk with Cooper. (lets just say I was tired after this day!)

TUESDAY Boot Camp class and light elliptical cardio


(Picture also taken at 20 Weeks post workout, I feel like the bump looks bigger then the picture up top)


No big symptoms this week. I am peeing more frequently and unexpectedly but that’s about it. Hooray.

Food Aversions: 

None off the top of my head ;)

Food Cravings: 

Chocolate in the form of sweets, like brownies and more brownies. I have promised myself that I will not have any sweets this week. I feel much better when added sugar isn’t on my meal plan.

I love oranges and fruit in general.

I’m also digging protein of any kind, eggs, meat, fish, yogurt… I need it at almost every meal!


I’ve had solid sleep this week, I have only woke up a couple nights to use the bathroom. Once my eyes are closed I am OUT.

Maternity clothes: 

I need to go shopping, that is on the agenda for this weekend. I have stuff from my pregnancy with Ava but it was a different season. I’m kinda not excited to buy new things because I won’t need these clothes once the baby is born. Should I just stretch out all the stuff I have now?? haha suggestions please!

Stretch marks: 

None yet! Praying I don’t get any. I was blessed with no stretch marks with Ava.

Do I Miss anything: 

Being able to do ab exercises flat on my back, I modify them and do them on an incline step box, I guess that works for now it’s just not the same. I really can’t do any twisting exercises at this point which makes sense and I’m limiting my jumping so I miss some of those intense exercises but I’m over it.

I also miss my runny egg yolks. I know laugh at me but they are heaven to me. I also miss laying on my belly. I’ve kinda learned to sleep on my side now so that improved my sleep drastically these last few weeks.


(This picture was taken at 21 weeks, my belly is sticking out further each day!!)


Baby G #2 is moving a lot. There are certain times of day I feel it more for instance my down time between 1-230pm and 9-1030pm. When I eat fruit baby boy basically does belly rolls and kicks like crazy. I’d be lying if I said I don’t eat more fruit on purpose to feel him move.

Baby Items Purchased: 

No new recent purchases, but we will be doing some work in the babies room soon :)

Wedding rings ON or OFF: 


Belly Button IN or OUT? 

My belly button is still in but looks like its flattening out a bit. I won’t be surprised if it pops out this time.

I’m Looking Forward To: 

I’m looking forward to my ultrasound next week. The Doctor couldn’t see one part of the baby during the anatomy scan so we get to go back!! I’m excited to see him again. It’s a bonus.


Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


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