The Fit Skool

by Kelly

23 Weeks

23 weeks

The Baby is the size of an ear of corn, Weighing 1.5 LB

Weight gained: no weight gain in 2 weeks, up 12.8lbs

Gender: It’s a girl!!!


Starting to look more pregnant!

Starting to look more pregnant!


SATURDAY 1 Hour Group Power class (all strength training), 20 minute walk with cooper

SUNDAY Off day, 30 minute walk

MONDAY 1 Hour group Power class at the Rye YMCA, 30 minute walk with Cooper!

TUESDAY 30 minutes Cardio, taught a 1 hour boot camp class

WEDNESDAY 30 minutes cardio

Symptoms: I’ve had a little nausea the past couple of days, it didn’t last long but enough to make me feel uncomfortable for a bit.

Food Aversions: Last night we had a turkey veggie casserole, I think we put too many veggies in it. I had a hard time eating the cooked carrots and tomatoes.  I loved the meat and potatoes though, no surprise there!

Food Cravings: I wouldn’t call them cravings but I am loving fruit as usual, bran muffins, sandwiches, protein shakes, and trail mix

Sleep: Once I am asleep its great. I find myself getting to bed a bit later because Baby G is quite active around my bed time.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new this week, but I wore a cute comfy black and white striped dress to a wedding this past saturday. It was from Target, can’t beat it!

Stretch marks: None!

Do I Miss anything: I miss sleeping on my belly, although I do wake up sometimes on my stomach I try not to fall asleep that way. I really missed having a glass of wine this weekend at the wedding. Water was just not cutting it.

Movement:  We’ve got a mover, she’s on the go a lot! I guess that’s a good thing.


Baby Items Purchased: No purchases, but my baby registries are almost done.

Wedding rings ON or OFF: ON

I’m Looking Forward To: Getting certified in Group Power this weekend. I’m attending a 3-day workshop starting this Friday, it should be fun!!

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