The Fit Skool

by Kelly



 The Baby is the size of avocado

Weight gained:  about 8lbs but the number fluctuates

Gender: we are counting down the days until we find out


Workouts: last week I completed 3 boot camp workouts (Tues/Thurs/Saturday each an hour long), I completed a 25 minute elliptical workout (Wednesday), and a 15 minute at home body weight circuit (Sunday)

Symptoms: increased hunger! More tired, I napped for an hour today.

Food Aversions: Finally no aversions this week :)

Food Cravings: no cravings, I lean towards saltier foods and I am drinking water like its going out of style.

Sleep: last night was the first that I woke up to pee! I actually woke up at 2:45am starving and then realized I needed to pee. I had to eat something because I could not fall back asleep.

Maternity clothes: I bought some maternity shorts, but as for tops I am just buying a size up to have some extra room.

Stretch marks: None!


Do I Miss Anything: I don’t really miss too much this week

Movement: This past week I felt flutters which was so cool. A few days later I felt 3 hard kicks. I was happy Marc was right next to me because he got to feel the last one. It was such an amazing feeling!

Baby Items Purchased: We are waiting to find out the gender before we start buying!

Wedding rings ON or OFF: ON

I’m Looking Forward To: My doctor’s appointment in 1 week and I am looking forward to hearing the heart beat again!


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