The Fit Skool

by Kelly



The Baby is the size of MANGO

Weight gained: 10lbs

Gender: It’s a girl!!!

Workouts:  Boot Camp circuit workout Tuesday & Thursday, P90x Yoga DVD



This picture was taken at 17 weeks

Symptoms: Occasional headaches usually at night when I am tired, and a little round ligament pain but nothing too bad!

Food Aversions: certain vegetables, but its not too bad anymore

Food Cravings: I wouldn’t call them cravings but foods that I am eating a lot of are peaches, hummus, smoothies, and potatoes made any way!

Sleep: vivid dreams, tossed and turned a few nights because it was 100 degrees out but besides that I get about 7 ½ hrs of good sleep per night

Maternity clothes: Nothing new! Still fit into most of my workout gear, which is what I wear on a daily basis.

Stretch marks: None yet, phew!


Do I Miss anything: sleeping comfortably on my belly!!

Movement: definitely feeling movement on a regular basis, more at night between 8-10pm

Baby Items Purchased: Finally purchased some cute little pink onesies and dresses. Also a set of Pj’s with little pink booties.

Wedding rings ON or OFF: ON

I’m Looking Forward To: Registering and picking out stuff for the nursery! Also our trip to Maryland next weekend.

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