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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick!!!


It’s that time of year to set goals and resolutions not just for fitness, but for health & happiness.  Remember the happiness part when you set your New Year’s Resolution! Setting a resolution that is far from attainable will set you up for failure, so be REALISTIC! In the end we want to be happy with whatever outcome we get.

Tips for making your resolution stick! 

  1. BE REALISTIC… choose attainable numbers for weight loss, think short & long term
  2. MAKE A PLAN… how are you going to keep your resolution in 2 months from now?
  3. TALK ABOUT YOUR RESOLUTIONS… tell someone about it or post it on your fridge
  4. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS... keep a journal, measurements, or track weight on a calendar
  5. REWARD YOURSELF… buy a new outfit, do not reward with food
  6. KEEP ON GOING… If you hit your goal, change it up and keep moving forward 

FITNESS RESOLUTION I am feeling different this New Year’s since I have a newborn to share it with this year. My goals and resolutions are way different from last year.  Since I hit my pre-pregnancy weight, my Fitness resolution is to gain muscle and strength. I am currently feeling weak in the core and legs. To gain muscle and strength back I know I need time so it’s realistic to say I am going to ease back in with walking daily.  I will then add in 2 days of strength training for a few weeks. After 4 weeks I plan to add in full body training with core as a focus. SO my 1 month goal/resolution is to feel strong and have more lean muscle.


Here is one of my XMAS gifts from Santa.. T-25 If you haven’t heard of the trainer Shaun-T he is amazing and I love his body weight training approach. I am all about it.  My game plan is to use T-25 to help me gain back some of my lean muscle :)


HEALTH RESOLUTION I do have a health resolution. That is to eat more CLEAN foods. It is easy for me to sometimes grab a granola bar or protein bar on the go with my work schedule, so if  I plan on keeping my Sunday Food Prep days going I will be able to make more on the go snacks for myself and eat cleaner less processed snacks. I know it’s all about PREPARATION, so I need to tell Marc about this goal because I do need some help so we can both have food ready for the week.


HAPPINESS RESOLUTION Creating a resolution around happiness will make everything feel more enjoyable. I thought I would make a funny resolution for myself this year and one to make me laugh and hopefully make you smile. I have already started this resolution because I don’t need the ball to drop to get going on some positive changes. So here it is…….. LAUGH off diaper messes, SMILE for 2am feedings, & ENJOY fussy baby moments. So far it’s been fun to laugh at Ava’s diaper messes. It’s easy to get stressed and upset with the amount of laundry and clothing changes I have to do but it’s more fun to laugh at how the situation unfolds and how many diapers/wipes I waste trying to clean up the mess that I pretty much let happen. The 2-am feedings are not fun, let’s be serious. Buttt it’s fun to sing crazy lullaby’s that I don’t seem to know the words to! I don’t know how I forgot them, but hey Ava doesn’t know the difference yet so if it keeps her happy I’m good! Fussy baby moments… where nothing seems to keep her calm, I try to smile and enjoy all the random faces Ava makes and tell stories based on her expressions. (I tried this one yesterday with my mom and it made us laugh!) Ava’s faces can go from smiling to angry with eyebrows raised, to what are you looking at Grandma, to happy and calm..and repeat.



Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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