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Still going strong?

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We are almost 1 week into the New Year.. are you still going strong with your New Year’s resolution??

I am doing well with my resolutions! Miss Ava has been sleeping better for us and it couldn’t make me happier. I am enjoying her middle of the night feeding more. I have been keeping calm, relaxed and not focusing on the fact that I am up from 230-330am has helped make getting up at the wee hours part of my routine. I get very excited when she gives us a long stretch of sleep!

Ava's getting more alert! and love's the mobiles

Ava’s getting more alert! and love’s the mobiles


My buddy Cooper keeps us company even through the WEE hours

My buddy Cooper keeps us company even through the WEE hours

My health resolution of eating healthy is going great. I am always conscious of what I eat, but since I am taking care of Ava and feeding her, my nutrition needs to be on point. We have been eating lots of salmon, avocado (healthy fats), along with tons of veggies, lean meats and as much fruit as I can handle. I have been pretty bummed because berries aren’t that cheap anymore. This means I have been eating the fruit that is on sale like clementines, bananas, apples and pineapple. I need to start using my frozen berries that I have stored in the fridge, I might just make a berry smoothie for you this week. Buying produce that is in season keeps the grocery bill lower and I try to do that. It keeps variety in my diet!

As far as my fitness resolution.. I will be easing back into exercise this week and I couldn’t be more pumped! As much as I have enjoyed resting and relaxing at home with Ava, I am CRAVING some exercise endorphins. Don’t you feel good after exercise? I need that energy boost and it starts with BOOT CAMP TONIGHT!! Woohoo, I can’t wait to see my class.

So now that it is almost 1 week into the New Year.. if you feel like you might have slipped up on your resolutions, don’t quit just yet.. try starting over. There’s nothing saying that January 1st is the only time you can start a new resolution or a new goal.


**If you are dieting or changing eating habits, don’t use the words CHEAT DAY. Allow yourself the foods you want in moderation. No one likes to be told not to eat something, so don’t think of it as cheating if you eat something that you think is “BAD.” Take these sweet potato fries for example.. they are baked and not fried so are they bad just because it’s called french fries????? Make your bad foods healthier..



**If you are focusing on exercising more, or increasing strength why don’t you try a new workout. Keep your body guessing and don’t do the same routine over and over. That is why I love boot camp, the workouts constantly change.. I don’t get bored and I am using different muscles each class.

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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  1. I’m practically giddy when I wake up to find that I’ve slept over 3 hours! Last night was a good night but the night prior Allston was up every 2 hours. I swear they make these kids cute for a reason ;-). And Cooper is so sweet! Even though pups can’t talk to us, it’s nice knowing that they’re there!

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