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1 month baby & postpartum update!


My morning started off rather early this morning (4:45am) so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my leftover decaf pumpkin coffee, I barely drank any of it yesterday. Since it was an early morning I added in some regular coffee, I needed a boost of caffeine!!


Wow 5 weeks have passed since Ava is born… I guess I should’ve posted the 1 month update last weekend but I got a little side tracked with my excitement for the start of teaching my boot camp classes this week.

Lets start with that, man did it feel good to get back to boot camp. It was so nice to see my class, to move around and also give them a good workout! Although 5 weeks of not seeing them seemed like a while, I feel like we never missed a beat. Except that my legs and their legs are more tired then usual. I think that should be expected, these muscles need to get back into shape.

Ava update… 

Ava is growing!!!  At her 1 month check up she weighed 9lbs (she was 6.6lbs at birth) she is also 22 inches (19.5inches at birth).  That is great news and according to the Doctor she is right on track. We always like to hear that!

She is a cuddler and loves to be held. I can’t blame her and I love it too, except for when I need to get things done or in the middle of the night when she just wants to snuggle and I want to sleep.


Cooper can’t get enough of Ava.. he protects her!

SLEEP has gotten SOO much better and I really can’t complain. She had been waking up just once a night for the last week compared to 2 or 3 times that first week or too. We are making progress.. anddd last night Ava slept through the night!! 6 hours, holy moly it felt amazing. I woke up a little earlier then she did so I got a little less then 6 hours but I didn’t care, I was pumped up.

I am not going to get overly excited because tonight could be a different story but I am extremely happy to have gotten some solid sleep.


Ava is much more alert and really enjoys staring up at her mobile in her crib. She reaches her hands up and her eyes follow the stuffed animals. It is so much fun to sit there and watch her. Who ever thought watching a mobile spin around could be such great entertainment for me. She makes a lot of faces like her mom and I get overly excited when she smiles.

IMG_2532 IMG_2593

Update on mama..

I am feeling like a million bucks this week. I think it’s a combination of having boot camp back on my schedule.. sleeping more.. and just overall feeling great. My body is ready for exercise again. Mentally I was ready a couple of weeks ago but my body said no, and now they are on the same page. I can still tell jumping exercises will take some time to get back into, but the strength training and weights are movements I feel comfortable with.

My weight is right where it should be. I have a couple pounds I could lose but I am not going to try to lose those couple of pounds. Instead I want to increase lean muscle. My mid-section is a little looser and needs some tightening and my legs could also use a little more muscle! I like having something to work for :)

I won’t be setting a date for my goal. I know I will get there but it doesn’t need to be a week or month from now, it just needs to happen and it will because I am focused and motivated. Right now my goal is to keep Ava healthy and enjoy being a mom!

Happy Friday everyone..

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I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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