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by Kelly

Tomorrow is officially fall & Weekend Recap


I had such a fun weekend and the weather almost felt like it was fall. I am a tad bit tired this morning but ready to tackle my classes.

Friday was a low key night in our house. We got take out from an Italian place and just hung out.

Saturday we were up bright and early because Ava had no plans of sleeping in.. so Dunkin coffee was a must! Once Ava took a morning nap I practiced the new Group power release and in between did some cardio bursts of burpees and jumping jacks. I was definitely fatigued by the end!

In the afternoon we headed to our neighbors house for their daughters 2 yr old birthday party!


They had an art party and all the kids were having a blast making paintings and playing with the toys!


Ava loved the ball pool.


I was so excited for Sunday because we were meeting up with some of our best friends from college. We decided to get together at a vineyard in Clinton, CT which was sort of a central location.

IMG_5742 IMG_5739

It was so fun and a perfect place to go with the kids because they were able to play outside.

IMG_5735 IMG_5734

Ava made some pretty cool faces yesterday… her top teeth are coming in so that’s her excuse!


If you are ever looking for a good spot to meet up with friends you should definitely try a local vineyard or park. They have gorgeous scenery and it makes for a great day out!


Andddd somehow it’s Monday again, so I’m off to teach Group Power and get my weight training on.

Have a great day! :)

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Love the idea of an art party! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. What a fun time meeting up with your friends! I also teach a weight lifting class. It’s a good time to get those arms shaking!

    • What type of weight-lifting class do you teach? Is it similar to Group Power or Body Pump?

      I love morning workouts, but I also like teaching Boot Camp at night!

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