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WIAW- Sugar Detox


Happy Hump Day!

It’s time to share with you my daily eats. I am linking up with Jenn again for a What I ate Wednesday post!!

Yesterday I posted on Tips to eliminate the sugar overload from Halloween, so I stuck with clean eating yesterday and I feel great today.

Breakfast started off with a cup of Dunkin French vanilla coffee that Marc brewed early because Ava is still waking us up at 5am.
Shortly after I drank my coffee I made a couple of eggs with sauteed spinach and a whole grain english muffin. I also ate some strawberries because Ava was eating them and she makes everything look good. 
After training one of my clients I ate a banana and then had some leftover egg whites with avocado & tomato
This bowl looks quite empty because I forgot to snap a picture before I dove in. If you haven’t had this combination before I highly recommend that you try it!! 
As you know I am the leftover queen when it comes to lunch! I had some leftover Chicken Francese & Asparagus
Plus a sweet potato with some butter. 
It was all ready to go and devoured quickly. 
I was quite hungry in the afternoon and had a few snacks: a PURIUM shake, a Cortland Apple (not pictured) and some nuts.
I quickly whipped up this Sausage dinner before boot camp. It literally took 10 minutes. We had Spinach & Red Onion Chicken Sausage served with mixed peppers & onions. There’s also a white potato under there somewhere. YUMMM.
I was a sweaty mess after Boot Camp last night, it was a great workout! I was also really hungry and opted for a Chocolate Quest Bar 
I heated it up in the microwave and it tasted like a warm chocolatey brownie :)
And because I love food I had a few handfuls of Cheerios while watching New Girl… I love that show!
What was something delicious that you ate yesterday? 
Have you ever kept a food journal before?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. It’s always wonderful to come across blogs that don’t restrict, but instead eat a diet full of healthy and nutritious foods. I admire you for that. All your meals sound delicious. I’m especially inspired by adding in the white potato w/ the chicken sausage & vegetables.

    • Aw thanks Jessie! I do try to eat really healthy without restricting, I do believe everything in moderation helps!

  2. I just ate some DELICIOUSNESS!! :) Thank you butternut squash!!

  3. I’ve been digging soup lately, definitely had one based around a tomato puree yesterday.

    Love your food. Looks delicious.

    • Thanks Kay! Soup sounds great, it is definitely that time of year and I am sure I will be making more soups too!

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