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WIAW Low Carb Day


Is it me or are the weeks flying by?? How is Christmas only a week away? I am here to share my food journal with you today.

I am linking up with Jenn for a What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) Post.

I woke up feeling energized yesterday and ready to tackle the day. I decided this week that I was going to do some Carb cycling. I followed Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling and Yesterday was a low carb high protein day. It felt great.

For breakfast I quickly whipped up some scrambled eggs with peppers and broccoli, I had that with a baked potato and a little smear of butter. It was tasty and super filling.


Snack time came around 10am. I had a banana and a Vanilla protein shake made with Whole Milk and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. SO GOOD.


For lunch I ate some leftover Buffalo Pulled Chicken on Lettuce wraps with carrots and celery. Seriously you guys need to try this recipe. It is so versatile.


 I also had some sliced sweet potatoes on the side with butter and a few pickle rounds (I know random!!)


My afternoon snack was a little early.. I was hungrrryy. I had a greek yogurt with strawberries and a sprinkle of granola. With a handful of nuts.

IMG_1601 IMG_1602

After my last client I had time to eat a quick dinner before it was time for Boot Camp. Chicken & Veggie stir fry with olive oil & soy sauce. Simple but satisfying.


I couldn’t wait to try out the new S’mores Quest Bar after Boot Camp. I quickly broiled it to warm it up. Wow it was awesome. I also ate some cherries.

IMG_1605 IMG_1606

That’s it for today!!

What is your pre & post workout snack? 

Do you like Quest bars? if so what is your favorite flavor?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Great looking meals. As much as I like the S’mores bar, I do think the White Chocolate Raspberry flavor is still my favorite!

  2. Those quest bars… damn I want to try one but they’re still to come to the UK! I usually work out in the morning fasted, so dive into a full on breakfast post-workout! If I have to workout at a weird hour, a protein bar (homemade) usually does the trick ;)

    • I hope Quest comes to the UK soon!! They are yummy and I’m sure you will love them.

      I wish I could work out on an empty stomach but I eat a full breakfast before!

  3. I’m with you—–Christmas? Already?!?!

    I don’t eat much pre-workout. I really prefer working out on an empty stomach. I do two-a-days, and I don’t eat before my 5:30 am cardio workout, but while I’m at work, I eat a Quest bar (or another bar with at least 18 gm of protein) around 3 pm as fuel for my 5 pm workout (cardio and weights). Post workout? In the morning, it’s a coffee+frozen banana+vanilla protein powder shake. In the evening, it’s wine. Quest bars are my favorite. The new one is pretty good. I have a 4-way tie for faves: white choc/raspberry, cookies and cream, cookie dough, and smores. But I also like chocolate chunk. I really like all of them. I haven’t tried a flavor I wouldn’t try again.

    • I wish I could work out on an empty stomach but I need a full breakfast before!! It sounds like you have a good post workout meal! I tend to go for protein shakes too.

      I haven’t tried the Quest White Chocolate Raspberry but I have heard great things :)

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