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by Kelly

Weekend Recap & Group Power Launch


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine revolved around family time and it was super relaxing.

Here is a Photo Recap of the weekend:

Friday we got several inches of snow and both Cooper & Ava had some fun outside in the afternoon.


I made a super delicious & healthy breakfast Saturday with Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes (recipe to come this week)


Who doesn’t love bacon???


I did a workout at home Saturday. I had no desire to head to the gym, sometimes I like working out at home by myself with no one around!!

 I did the Insanity Asylum Day 1 body weight workout. It is super challenging and only 25 minutes. After I finished I had a burst of energy so I tackled some more pull ups. I complete 5 sets.. this time the repetitions were a bit different. Set #1: 2 reps Set #2: 7 reps Set #3: 5 reps Set #4: 4 reps Set #5: 3 Reps


My arms were very tired and my shoulders were so tight so I decided to treat myself to a 10 minute chair massage at a local salon. I highly recommend it. I walked out feeling like a million bucks and I didn’t have to spend a lot!

In the afternoon my family came over to watch the Patriots game with us. We made a big chili and had some delicious food.

Ava wore a Patriots dress for the game and I wore my jersey. This was the first time we wore matching outfits.


The Patriots won.. so we will be sure to dress up again next weekend :)

Sunday morning I attended my co-worker Michelle’s Group Power class. We are launching the new workout this week and she was the first to teach it!


Now it’s my turn to teach the new Group Power workout this morning. I don’t know why I’m nervous but I guess it is good nervous feeling!! I’m sure I will be wiped after this class, there are a lot of pushups and my arms are slightly sore going into it.


What is something fun you did this weekend? 

Do you watch playoff football?? If so who are you rooting for?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I’ve always wanted to try those chair massages. So cheap and I’m sure so refreshing! Great job on your pull ups!

    • OMG you need to try it. It helps you relax and also helped me reduce my soreness. I felt like a new person when I left haha. It cost me $13 too so it is totally worth it.

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