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by Kelly

Super Bowl Weekend & Patriots Victory


So somehow it’s Monday already. I can’t say I was productive this weekend but I did kick up my feet a lot and just straight chill on the couch. That doesn’t happen too often. Usually my mind is always busy and I am constantly doing stuff so it was nice to just chill.

I watched the Grey’s anatomy episode from Thursday that I missed, and man I do love that show! It never gets old.

Saturday morning I taught a kick A$$ boot camp class with some awesome people. We were dripping sweat and working hard. Marc was able to come to class because my dad offered to hang out with Ava. We both had sore inner thighs today and as painful as that can be it’s always nice to have tight thighs ;)

The rest of the day I ran some silly errands like CVS & the grocery store. My friend Lauren stopped by with her fiancé, which was a nice surprise!!

Shortly after we got Thai Basil takeout for dinner.


If you haven’t had Thai food before you probably should try it. I’m obsessed. I would eat this every day this week if I could. The flavor was on point and I didn’t have to cook. Two Thumbs up over here.

Lets back up a bit… somehow I forgot to mention that we only got 4 hours of sleep Friday night. Little miss Ava decided to wake up from 1:45-4:5am. I don’t know how I forgot to say that. I think her teeth were bothering her. I am assuming it’s the molars because she literally can’t shove her little fingers any further in her mouth. I felt so bad for her and that she was uncomfortable but all I kept thinking about was when I would get to go back to sleep!!! Luckily I mustered up energy and made it through the day. Bed time definitely came a little early.


I woke up early, grabbed some DUNKIN coffee (because I wanted a treat) and then did some laundry at the laundry mat. I needed my comforter washed and I can’t fit that thing in mine at home so I had no choice! I also went to Kohl’s to buy some workout gear. Seriously that store is so cheap, I love it!

Marc did some food prep for the big game while I was gone. (I can’t believe I pulled off not prepping food yesterday!!!) Seriously all I made was my Creamy Pulled Buffalo Chicken and Marc and my dad cooked the rest. It was so nice!

We took Cooper to the dog park to tire him out.. and he had so much fun. There must’ve been 10-12 other dogs and he ran around like a mad man!


Ava enjoyed watching him from the sidelines.


We headed home and started getting ready for the game. Look how cute Ava’s jersey is!! Her’s is even authentic.

My family came over around 4pm to start the party. We literally had enough food for 20 people.


Look at that spread!!

My dad told me he is trying to eat healthier so he GRILLED BUFFALO WINGS before putting them in the Crockpot!! This helped to get rid of some of the “unhealthy fats.”


Guys there were delicious but so spicy my mouth was on fire. It made me so happy to hear that he is really trying to focus on eating better. Even though he is fit, he doesn’t always make the healthiest food choices so it was nice to see him put a healthier spin on fried wings!!

IMG_2511 IMG_2502

We all had fun entertaining Ava and watching her play.


She even played us some music on her activity center. (Future DJ?)


Can we talk about a nail biter game?? We were on the edge of our seats the entire second half. With some terrible plays by the Patriots, Marc started getting a little negative about the outcome of the game. I reassured him the Pats would come back and win. They are always better under pressure.


Sure enough they did!!! We were ecstatic and so pumped at the end of the game I am surprised we didn’t wake Ava up :)


Wouldn’t this have been cute after they game if Ava said Cooper WAKE UP, THE PATRIOTS WON!!!!!


I’m sure just like most of you, our evening was spent sitting around in front of the big screen and EATING all the food. I didn’t over do it, but I did eat a lot!! Now I am back to clean eating this week, who’s going to join me??

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? What was your favorite part?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I only watched some of the game and didn’t do anything exciting last night. I feel like I practically know everything that happened just from reading posts and social media!
    I can’t handle super spicy wings…but I like the idea of grilling them!

    • The media coverage is all over the game and they basically recapped the super bowl pretty well!!

      The wings were way too spicy for me.. my mouth was practically on fire but I loved that they were grilled and not fatty ;)

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