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Showering Friends


We had tons of stuff going on this past weekend and the time flew by once again. Friday night was a quiet night in our house because Ava was still sick and I was kinda feeling sluggish so we decided to catch up on some TV shows and get to bed early.

I have been waking up at 5:45am every morning, almost on the dot it’s so weird. I had plans to sleep in a bit Saturday but that didn’t happen.

It was pouring out so I had to cancel Boot Camp class :( I ended up running some errands and then we headed to Berlin, CT for a friend’s Baby Shower BBQ. It was so nice to see some friends from College and let Ava run around. They had a Pizza Truck come to their house and make fresh pizzas. It was such a great idea. I enjoyed a slice of pesto pizza with peppers & tomatoes. It was quite delicious.

IMG_4689 IMG_4685

Ava and Chase (our friend’s son) had a blast playing in the bird fountain haha

We arrived home around 4pm and Marc’s brother came down to visit. So we hung out with him and ordered some take out food. Ava and I split Chicken Marsala with Veggies & Potatoes. Marc got some Chicken Scarpiello. It was so good.


We watched an episode of Scandal (we are an episode behind) but I was exhausted so we didn’t watch the last episode. I went to bed at 930. I’m such a loser!

Sunday was all about showering my best friend Megan. She will be getting married in 2 months.


(This was before Megan Arrived)

The theme of the Bridal shower was a Tea Party so we all wore fun hats.


It was quite fun to wear a hat! I don’t wear them that often but I do love them!


She got tons of great gifts and we enjoyed hanging out.


I loved the brunch choices at Fairways At The Griff Restaurant!


My plate was piled high with an omelet, potatoes, salad, fruit, ham & bacon!


Once I got home I pretty much wanted to relax and get things organized around the house. I have 3 classes to teach today so I needed to be rested!

How was your weekend?

Do you like wearing hats?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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