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by Kelly

My workouts lately


Yesterday was all about teaching fitness classes for me and I’m paying for it today.

I taught a morning and an evening Group Power class that were almost about 12 hours apart. I thought I was going to be tired for the 2nd class, but I wasn’t! I had a ton of energy and was able to lift and push myself more then I thought.

It didn’t hit me until I got home and sat on the floor to do some stretching that I realized my quads and back were already tight!

I had a surprise guest in class last night. My mom wanted to come over to see Ava, so she offered to hang out with her so Marc could get a workout in. It was nice having Marc in my class, it’s been such a long time since he’s been to any of my classes because he’s usually home with Ava when I teach. I feel like having him there definitely made me push a little harder!


I wanted to talk to you all about my workouts over the past week so lets rewind a bit, here’s what they looked like last week:

Monday: 1 Hour Strength Training Group Power class, senior fitness class and 20 minutes of Insanity Max 30

Tuesday: 1 hour Boot camp Class, (2) 20 minute walks with Cooper

Wednesday: 1 Hour Strength Training Group Power class, (2) 20 minute walks with Cooper

Thursday: 1 hour Boot camp Class, Senior Fitness Class, (1) 20 minute walk with Cooper

Friday: REST DAY, Ava was sick and I had a sore throat so we watched movies and laid around all day.

SaturdayREST DAY I still didn’t feel well. I can’t say I was really really sick, but I was fighting whatever Ava was trying to give me!!

Sunday: REST DAY With all intentions of being active, I decided my body needed to rest more so I took Cooper for a 25 minute walk in the morning and then called it a day.

Monday: (2) 1 Hour Strength Training Group Power classes, Senior Fitness Class

While I love taking a rest day 1-2x a week, last week was a very rare occurrence of 3 rest days in a row. Yesterday my body was ready for exercise, I was SOOOO rested up that I think I had too much energy to let loose. It was great though and my body thanked me in the end.

IMG_3365I have been doing some thinking about my workouts and I decided I need to add in a little more cardio. Besides Boot Camp, Insanity workouts, and walking Cooper I don’t do PURE CARDIO! I know boot camp and insanity are cardio based, so yes I am getting in my cardio but I guess I’m looking for something different to mix in.

I’m not a huge fan of elliptical or treadmill machines because I get bored easily so I am trying to think of extra cardio exercises I can do that are fun.


Maybe some jump rope circuits or agility ladder ciruits, what do you think? I am open to cardio suggestions!

Have a great day ;)

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!

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