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28 Weeks.. Start of the 3rd trimester


I can’t believe I am in my 3rd and final trimester! Time is flying by and I feel like Baby G is going to be here before we know it. I am so excited :)

I had my glucose screening test this morning (for gestational diabetes), it was quite interesting. The woman handed me a cup of what looked like orange soda and said you can chug it or sip it but you have 5 minutes to drink it. My first thought was chug it, until I had the first sip. Wow was it sweet. It did take me a couple of minutes but I got it down. I then had to sit and wait for an hour without drinking, eating, or walking around.

This was a piece of cake in the beginning, I was feeling super energized from all the sugar! After about 20 minutes I got hit with a wave of intense nausea and I thought I was going to throw up. I knew that if I did it would mess up the test so I distracted myself with my phone and anything I could go through in my purse. Once the hour was up they took my blood and I was done. I asked the lab tech how much sugar there was in the drink…  and he said 100 grams!! That’s about 6 1/2 tablespoons of sugar.. or about 2 cans of soda & close to 400 calories (in just 4-5 oz). For someone that doesn’t drink soda or sugary drinks my body was definitely in shock!! I’m glad that’s over with.

Sooo..  at 28 weeks here is what has been going on since last week!


THE BABY IS close to 16 inches long, Weighing about 2.25- 2.5lbs

WEIGHT GAINED:  No weight gain this week which is weird because my belly looks drastically bigger from last week, still up 16lbs

GENDER: It’s a girl!!!

DSC00622 DSC00623


TUESDAY 30 minute walk, taught 1 hour boot camp class

WEDNESDAY  Strength day 1 hour group power practice, taught 1 hour boot camp class

THURSDAY taught 1 hour boot camp class and taught senior fitness 

FRIDAY 1 hour hike with Marc!

SATURDAY 20 minute elliptical interval workout & 20 minute upper body workout

SUNDAY REST DAY… some yoga stretching and a leisurely stroll with Cooper

MONDAY 15 minute warm-up on the bike and 1 hour group power practice


FOOD AVERSIONS: I am still having a hard time eating plain vegetables. I love veggies scrambled in my eggs, or in salads, or on sandwiches but plain cooked veggies doesn’t cut it!! I’m also still not liking the sound or look of mexican food!

FOOD CRAVINGS: I know I’m not exciting, but there was really nothing I wanted this week. Meals were pretty blah for the most part. I did eat a decent amount of sweet potatoes and regular potatoes so I guess I like my carbs! I love fruit.. no surprise there. I think I ate 5 apples this weekend after we went apple picking!

SLEEP: Sleep has been pretty solid, about 7 hrs per night give or take. Wednesday night I woke up once to pee in the middle of the night. Is it bad that I am not waking up more in the middle of the night??

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I did just get a shipment from Old Navy Maternity.. and by shipment I mean I ordered them and they got shipped to my house :) I bought 2 tank tops, a long sleeve plain black shirt, a pair of low-rise leggings, and some workout capris that look like they are too small.. might have to hang on to them until post-pregnancy.

STRETCH MARKS: None, I am trying to remind myself to use cocoa butter and lotion but I haven’t been consistent.

DO I MISS ANYTHING: I reallly miss laying on my stomach. I can get away with a few minutes but it gets uncomfortable. I miss jump rope, and just realized this in boot camp class the other night. I also miss running. I jog a little with Cooper here and there but it really isn’t fun or comfortable so it usually lasts a whole 20 seconds.

MOVEMENT: lots and lots of kicks punches, flips and I think maybe even some hiccups!

BABY ITEMS PURCHASED: Nothing new this week. I am trying to hold off as long as possible.


BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT:  still in… but looks like its changing a bit on me. It actually might almost be flat which is very weird to me

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: My doctors appointment next week. I am meeting with a new Dr in the practice.. I have officially started making my rounds to meet all the other doctors. I am also looking forward to the launch of GROUP POWER class at the Y.. we don’t launch for another 2 weeks but I am still anxious for it.

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Such an exciting time! You look great!

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