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Things I’m Loving Lately…


As I look back on the week, it didn’t seem to go by that fast but it was a good week and I felt very productive. I’m heading to the YMCA shortly for some training and I’m also subbing a Fit For Life class which should be fun.

I’m really enjoying the “Things I’m Loving Lately” posts. It makes me look back and appreciate new foods I’ve tried, fun things I’ve done with family, and things I want to share with you guys!

Here’s a few new items to share that I’m loving this week!

I’m all about trying new things, especially when they are “clean” products. These PALEO Wraps were a random purchase on amazon. I must say they are very coconutty but these are the most durable wraps I’ve ever eaten if that makes sense. Most wraps break and fall apart and these ones hold up really well. If you are a coconut fan you should definitely give them a try. I can’t wait to try them with almond butter and banana, it just sounds like a good combination.


I think I always end up posting a picture of fruit during these posts but the truth is I LOVE my fruit and I’m definitely a seasonal produce eater. Cherries are pretty amazing right now, and I think they are fun to eat. I sometimes feel like I might choke on the pit but I do love the process of eating cherries.


While shopping at Stop and Shop last weekend, these “Burgers” caught my eye. They are Sweet Potato & Spinach Burgers with cheese and some other fresh ingredients, and they were surprisingly tasty. I ate mine plain so I could really taste all the flavors! They are 240 Calories and have 10g of protein, not bad!  I ate these burgers on 2 other occasions this week, so they must be good. I loved how convenient they were, I popped them into a frying pan for a couple minutes on each side and they complemented my lunch very nicely! It’s an easy way to get veggies in too. I’m thinking about recreating them in the near future!


My dad loves Costco and somehow he always manages to buy us something even when I tell him we don’t need anything. He bought us a case of Poland Spring Sparkling Waters. At least he knows we like them and they are healthy! I am a big water drinker but every once in a while I need some flavor. I’m really loving the lemon flavor.


Since it’s FLEX FRIDAY I figured I would give it a go. I have been working hard on my back muscles and I can finally see some popping through;)


Marc also made it to Boot Camp this week. I love the energy he brings to class, he goes 110% during the whole workout and I know he maxes out. His shirt was soaking wet in the picture, he probably could have rung out some sweat.


Ava is starting to talk and use her words more and I’m LOVING it. Someone told me once kids start talking they don’t stop, but to be honest I really appreciate the fact that Ava is telling me what she wants more. I can ignore the stuff I don’t want to hear, but I really do love that she tells me she wants cheese or crackers or milk! It makes my life a little easier and its cute to listen to her try to pronounce words.


That’s it for this week. Happy Friday ;)

What’s something you are loving this week? 

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. Ow Ow! Check out your muscles. You are one fab looking Momma :)

    • Thanks Jessie :) After my boot camp class I asked Marc to take a picture of me. I really wasn’t expecting to see any muscle definition so I was pleased with my progress :)

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