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by Kelly

31 Weeks and going strong!


Time is flying by, we have 9 weeks to go!

This past week I was very active and by Saturday afternoon I was ready to chill out. My workouts were great this week, we finally launched our Group Power class and taught some great workouts to the members. During the workouts my modifications were the same as last week, a little lighter on the weights and shorter range of motion on abs. My legs were quite sore this week, I guess all the added baby weight is making me work harder!

My belly is taking over now, and I am starting to notice it more and more with daily activities! I had a Dr appointment this morning and everything is looking great. That is always fabulous news to hear… the baby is measuring on track, my weight gain is perfect, and the baby is head down. Wow. She said the baby’s positioning can still change due to flips & turns but I am hoping she gets cozy fast.

The Dr has no issue with my exercise and they are super supportive of staying active for the remainder of my pregnancy as long as I am comfortable

Here’s what has been going on this past week!


THE BABY IS between 17-18 inches the size of a Coconut, Weighing about 3.5 lbs

WEIGHT GAINED:  gained 1/2lb this week, up 18lbs

GENDER: It’s a girl!!!



TUESDAY taught boot camp

WEDNESDAY  VIP Group power class… man was it tough! (1 hour)

THURSDAY taught boot camp

FRIDAY  15 minutes of Cardio and 1 hour light strength training

SATURDAY 1 hour group power workout (my co-worker needed to film so I got to do the workout again!)

SUNDAY OFF DAY lots of relaxation

MONDAY  taught 1 senior fitness class


FOOD AVERSIONS: This past week was rough with food. There were so many foods I didn’t want to eat. I cant name them all in particular, but every time I opened the fridge or pantry I was turned away by everything! I think if I had someone cook food and put it in front of me I would eat it but this whole food thing and the nausea is getting old. My top aversion is veggies, I force myself to eat some sort of veggie daily but it’s hard. Chicken has been a little unappealing.. I made Marc chili-lime chicken and I gagged after if came out of the oven.

FOOD CRAVINGS: No cravings, I know I am boring. I do like carbs and dairy this past week. Yogurt, milk, chocolate milk, pumpkin bread, eggs & toast, fruit, and sandwiches have all been treating me quite well!! I could eat breakfast food 3x a day.

SLEEP: I am getting tired a little earlier at night, but not falling asleep early which I probably should. I still sleep great and I really can’t complain because I only get up once to pee which isn’t bad. Thank you strong bladder. Let’s just hope it holds strong for a few more weeks because I like my sleep.

IMG_1463 IMG_1464

MATERNITY CLOTHES: My mom’s friend Debbie bought me this really cute maternity top/tunic. It is black and grey animal print and goes perfect with stretchies & boots for the fall. (as you can see in the first picture above!)

STRETCH MARKS: None, yet :)

DO I MISS ANYTHING:  I miss laying on my stomach. I also miss rolling over easier. I do feel like my belly is getting bigger and making it harder to move once I am laying down in bed.

MOVEMENT: The baby is constantly moving around. I would actually prefer her to nap a bit more, haha.

BABY ITEMS PURCHASED: No items purchased, but our rocker came! It’s awesome and I am already using it.


BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT:  it’s still in, but looks a little flatter!

SYMPTOMS: I woke up one morning quite early with either round ligament pain or a couple contractions, who knows! It did keep me up for a while and was a bit uncomfortable. My nausea seems to be making a tiny comeback but I’m not gonna let it happen. I guess I need to stay clear of a few food items and I will probably be good.

Actually the round ligament pain happened more then once. It came on Saturday night too for about 2 or 3 hours on and off and is very uncomfortable.

LABOR SIGNS: a few braxton hicks contractions but that’s it.

I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: My baby shower this coming Sunday with all my friends and family in Greenwich :)

Cooper is doing much better :)

Cooper is doing much better :)

Author: Kelly @ The Fit Skool

I’m Kelly, a NASM personal trainer and group instructor, a former athlete, a wife and soon to be mommy. Health and Fitness is my passion and I am excited to share this journey with you!


  1. I feel ya on the turning over in bed getting harder and harder. I’m fairly certain I grunt every time I have to move. And I’m also so unexcited about food. All I want are sweets lately!

    That is so awesome your little girl is head’s down and in position. This guy is being stubborn and still wants to wrap horizontally around my body. Not cool baby! haha

    • I am sure your little boy will change positions soon! She’s constantly changing and I do feel her horizontally a lot as well!

      You are so close, you must be getting so excited!!!

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